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Package genmain provides a generator for a skeleton goa application. This generator generates the code for a basic "main" package and is mainly intended as a way to bootstrap new applications. The generator creates a main.go file and one file per resource listed in the API metadata. If a file already exists it skips its creation unless the flag --force is provided on the command line in which case it overrides the content of existing files.



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func Generate

func Generate() (files []string, err error)

Generate is the generator entry point called by the meta generator.


type Generator

type Generator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Generator is the application code generator.

func (*Generator) Cleanup

func (g *Generator) Cleanup()

Cleanup removes all the files generated by this generator during the last invokation of Generate.

func (*Generator) Generate

func (g *Generator) Generate(api *design.APIDefinition) (_ []string, err error)

Generate produces the skeleton main.

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