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func NewWindow

func NewWindow(ef EventFunc, config WindowConfig) error


type CommandFunc

type CommandFunc func() error

type Event

type Event interface {
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

type EventChar

type EventChar struct {
	Char rune

type EventClose

type EventClose struct{}

type EventCursorEnter

type EventCursorEnter struct{}

type EventCursorExit

type EventCursorExit struct{}

type EventCursorPos

type EventCursorPos struct {
	X float64
	Y float64

type EventDeIconified

type EventDeIconified struct{}

type EventDrop

type EventDrop struct {
	Names []string

type EventFocusGained

type EventFocusGained struct{}

type EventFocusLost

type EventFocusLost struct{}

type EventFunc

type EventFunc func(w *Window) error

type EventIconified

type EventIconified struct{}

type EventKeyPress

type EventKeyPress struct {
	Key      Key
	ScanCode int
	Mod      ModifierKey

type EventKeyRelease

type EventKeyRelease struct {
	Key      Key
	ScanCode int
	Mod      ModifierKey

type EventKeyRepeat

type EventKeyRepeat struct {
	Key      Key
	ScanCode int
	Mod      ModifierKey

type EventMouseButtonPress

type EventMouseButtonPress struct {
	Mod    ModifierKey
	Button MouseButton

type EventMouseButtonRelease

type EventMouseButtonRelease struct {
	Mod    ModifierKey
	Button MouseButton

type EventRefresh

type EventRefresh struct{}

type EventScroll

type EventScroll struct {
	X float64
	Y float64

type EventSize

type EventSize struct {
	Width  int
	Height int

type Key

type Key int
const (
	KeyUnknown      Key = Key(glfw.KeyUnknown)
	KeySpace        Key = Key(glfw.KeySpace)
	KeyApostrophe   Key = Key(glfw.KeyApostrophe)
	KeyComma        Key = Key(glfw.KeyComma)
	KeyMinus        Key = Key(glfw.KeyMinus)
	KeyPeriod       Key = Key(glfw.KeyPeriod)
	KeySlash        Key = Key(glfw.KeySlash)
	Key0            Key = Key(glfw.Key0)
	Key1            Key = Key(glfw.Key1)
	Key2            Key = Key(glfw.Key2)
	Key3            Key = Key(glfw.Key3)
	Key4            Key = Key(glfw.Key4)
	Key5            Key = Key(glfw.Key5)
	Key6            Key = Key(glfw.Key6)
	Key7            Key = Key(glfw.Key7)
	Key8            Key = Key(glfw.Key8)
	Key9            Key = Key(glfw.Key9)
	KeySemicolon    Key = Key(glfw.KeySemicolon)
	KeyEqual        Key = Key(glfw.KeyEqual)
	KeyA            Key = Key(glfw.KeyA)
	KeyB            Key = Key(glfw.KeyB)
	KeyC            Key = Key(glfw.KeyC)
	KeyD            Key = Key(glfw.KeyD)
	KeyE            Key = Key(glfw.KeyE)
	KeyF            Key = Key(glfw.KeyF)
	KeyG            Key = Key(glfw.KeyG)
	KeyH            Key = Key(glfw.KeyH)
	KeyI            Key = Key(glfw.KeyI)
	KeyJ            Key = Key(glfw.KeyJ)
	KeyK            Key = Key(glfw.KeyK)
	KeyL            Key = Key(glfw.KeyL)
	KeyM            Key = Key(glfw.KeyM)
	KeyN            Key = Key(glfw.KeyN)
	KeyO            Key = Key(glfw.KeyO)
	KeyP            Key = Key(glfw.KeyP)
	KeyQ            Key = Key(glfw.KeyQ)
	KeyR            Key = Key(glfw.KeyR)
	KeyS            Key = Key(glfw.KeyS)
	KeyT            Key = Key(glfw.KeyT)
	KeyU            Key = Key(glfw.KeyU)
	KeyV            Key = Key(glfw.KeyV)
	KeyW            Key = Key(glfw.KeyW)
	KeyX            Key = Key(glfw.KeyX)
	KeyY            Key = Key(glfw.KeyY)
	KeyZ            Key = Key(glfw.KeyZ)
	KeyLeftBracket  Key = Key(glfw.KeyLeftBracket)
	KeyBackslash    Key = Key(glfw.KeyBackslash)
	KeyRightBracket Key = Key(glfw.KeyRightBracket)
	KeyGraveAccent  Key = Key(glfw.KeyGraveAccent)
	KeyWorld1       Key = Key(glfw.KeyWorld1)
	KeyWorld2       Key = Key(glfw.KeyWorld2)
	KeyEscape       Key = Key(glfw.KeyEscape)
	KeyEnter        Key = Key(glfw.KeyEnter)
	KeyTab          Key = Key(glfw.KeyTab)
	KeyBackspace    Key = Key(glfw.KeyBackspace)
	KeyInsert       Key = Key(glfw.KeyInsert)
	KeyDelete       Key = Key(glfw.KeyDelete)
	KeyRight        Key = Key(glfw.KeyRight)
	KeyLeft         Key = Key(glfw.KeyLeft)
	KeyDown         Key = Key(glfw.KeyDown)
	KeyUp           Key = Key(glfw.KeyUp)
	KeyPageUp       Key = Key(glfw.KeyPageUp)
	KeyPageDown     Key = Key(glfw.KeyPageDown)
	KeyHome         Key = Key(glfw.KeyHome)
	KeyEnd          Key = Key(glfw.KeyEnd)
	KeyCapsLock     Key = Key(glfw.KeyCapsLock)
	KeyScrollLock   Key = Key(glfw.KeyScrollLock)
	KeyNumLock      Key = Key(glfw.KeyNumLock)
	KeyPrintScreen  Key = Key(glfw.KeyPrintScreen)
	KeyPause        Key = Key(glfw.KeyPause)
	KeyF1           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF1)
	KeyF2           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF2)
	KeyF3           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF3)
	KeyF4           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF4)
	KeyF5           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF5)
	KeyF6           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF6)
	KeyF7           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF7)
	KeyF8           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF8)
	KeyF9           Key = Key(glfw.KeyF9)
	KeyF10          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF10)
	KeyF11          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF11)
	KeyF12          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF12)
	KeyF13          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF13)
	KeyF14          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF14)
	KeyF15          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF15)
	KeyF16          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF16)
	KeyF17          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF17)
	KeyF18          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF18)
	KeyF19          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF19)
	KeyF20          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF20)
	KeyF21          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF21)
	KeyF22          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF22)
	KeyF23          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF23)
	KeyF24          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF24)
	KeyF25          Key = Key(glfw.KeyF25)
	KeyKP0          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP0)
	KeyKP1          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP1)
	KeyKP2          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP2)
	KeyKP3          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP3)
	KeyKP4          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP4)
	KeyKP5          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP5)
	KeyKP6          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP6)
	KeyKP7          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP7)
	KeyKP8          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP8)
	KeyKP9          Key = Key(glfw.KeyKP9)
	KeyKPDecimal    Key = Key(glfw.KeyKPDecimal)
	KeyKPDivide     Key = Key(glfw.KeyKPDivide)
	KeyKPMultiply   Key = Key(glfw.KeyKPMultiply)
	KeyKPSubtract   Key = Key(glfw.KeyKPSubtract)
	KeyKPAdd        Key = Key(glfw.KeyKPAdd)
	KeyKPEnter      Key = Key(glfw.KeyKPEnter)
	KeyKPEqual      Key = Key(glfw.KeyKPEqual)
	KeyLeftShift    Key = Key(glfw.KeyLeftShift)
	KeyLeftControl  Key = Key(glfw.KeyLeftControl)
	KeyLeftAlt      Key = Key(glfw.KeyLeftAlt)
	KeyLeftSuper    Key = Key(glfw.KeyLeftSuper)
	KeyRightShift   Key = Key(glfw.KeyRightShift)
	KeyRightControl Key = Key(glfw.KeyRightControl)
	KeyRightAlt     Key = Key(glfw.KeyRightAlt)
	KeyRightSuper   Key = Key(glfw.KeyRightSuper)
	KeyMenu         Key = Key(glfw.KeyMenu)
	KeyLast         Key = Key(glfw.KeyLast)

type Window

type Window struct {
	EventChan   <-chan Event
	CommandChan chan<- CommandFunc
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Window) Event

func (w *Window) Event(e Event)

func (*Window) Future

func (w *Window) Future(cf CommandFunc) <-chan struct{}

func (*Window) Swap

func (w *Window) Swap()

type WindowConfig

type WindowConfig struct {
	Title     string
	Width     int
	Height    int
	Resizable bool

func DefaultConfig

func DefaultConfig() WindowConfig

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