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Package types contains types shared between packages in Hugo.

Package types contains types shared between packages in Hugo.



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type EvictingStringQueue

type EvictingStringQueue struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

EvictingStringQueue is a queue which automatically evicts elements from the head of the queue when attempting to add new elements onto the queue and it is full. This queue orders elements LIFO (last-in-first-out). It throws away duplicates. Note: This queue currently does not contain any remove (poll etc.) methods.

func NewEvictingStringQueue

func NewEvictingStringQueue(size int) *EvictingStringQueue

NewEvictingStringQueue creates a new queue with the given size.

func (*EvictingStringQueue) Add

func (q *EvictingStringQueue) Add(v string)

Add adds a new string to the tail of the queue if it's not already there.

func (*EvictingStringQueue) Peek

func (q *EvictingStringQueue) Peek() string

Peek looks at the last element added to the queue.

func (*EvictingStringQueue) PeekAll

func (q *EvictingStringQueue) PeekAll() []string

PeekAll looks at all the elements in the queue, with the newest first.

func (*EvictingStringQueue) PeekAllSet

func (q *EvictingStringQueue) PeekAllSet() map[string]bool

PeekAllSet returns PeekAll as a set.

type KeyValueStr added in v0.38.2

type KeyValueStr struct {
	Key   string
	Value string

KeyValueStr is a string tuple.

type KeyValues

type KeyValues struct {
	Key    interface{}
	Values []interface{}

KeyValues holds an key and a slice of values.

func NewKeyValuesStrings

func NewKeyValuesStrings(key string, values ...string) KeyValues

func (KeyValues) KeyString

func (k KeyValues) KeyString() string

KeyString returns the key as a string, an empty string if conversion fails.

func (KeyValues) String

func (k KeyValues) String() string

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