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type ColumnsMeta added in v0.2.0

type ColumnsMeta struct {
	Type     string `json:"type"`
	Position int    `json:"position"`

ColumnsMeta metadata of column

type ErrorEvent

type ErrorEvent struct {
	Timestamp int64
	Level     int
	Host      string
	ShortMsg  string
	FullMsg   string

ErrorEvent error format

type GenericEvent

type GenericEvent struct {
	Environment string      `json:"environment"`
	Timestamp   string      `json:"timestamp"`
	Offset      *Offset     `json:"offset,omitempty"`
	Value       interface{} `json:"value"`

GenericEvent events format

type LookatchEvent

type LookatchEvent struct {
	Header  LookatchHeader
	Payload interface{}

LookatchEvent wire message format

type LookatchHeader

type LookatchHeader struct {
	EventType string
	Tenant    LookatchTenantInfo

LookatchHeader header format

type LookatchTenantInfo

type LookatchTenantInfo struct {
	ID  string `json:"id"`
	Env string `json:"env"`

LookatchTenantInfo tenant info header

type Offset

type Offset struct {
	Source string `json:"source"`
	Agent  string `json:"agent"`

Offset events format

type SQLEvent

type SQLEvent struct {
	Tenant       string                 `json:"tenant,omitempty"`
	Environment  string                 `json:"environment"`
	Timestamp    string                 `json:"timestamp"`
	Database     string                 `json:"database"`
	Schema       string                 `json:"schema"`
	Table        string                 `json:"table"`
	Method       string                 `json:"method"`
	PrimaryKey   string                 `json:"primary_key,omitempty"`
	Offset       *Offset                `json:"offset,omitempty"`
	ColumnsMeta  map[string]ColumnsMeta `json:"columns_meta,omitempty"`
	Statement    map[string]interface{} `json:"statement"`
	OldStatement map[string]interface{} `json:"old_statement,omitempty"`

SQLEvent events format

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