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func Avg

func Avg(vals ...float32) float32


type AirAndPollenValue

type AirAndPollenValue struct {
	Category      string
	CategoryValue int
	Name          string
	Type          string
	Value         float32

type CurrentCondition

type CurrentCondition struct {
	LocalObservationDateTime time.Time
	Temperature              MetricUnitValue
	TemperatureSummary       TemperatureSummary
	RealFeelTemperature      MetricUnitValue
	CloudCover               float32
	RelativeHumidity         float32
	Ice                      UnitValue
	RainProbability          float32
	Snow                     UnitValue
	Wind                     WindCurrent
	PrecipitationSummary     PrecipitationSummary

func (CurrentCondition) MapToPot

func (f CurrentCondition) MapToPot() []models.Forecast

type DailyForecast

type DailyForecast struct {
	AirAndPollen        []AirAndPollenValue
	Date                time.Time
	Day                 Day
	Night               Day
	Temperature         Temperature
	RealFeelTemperature Temperature

type Day

type Day struct {
	CloudCover      float32
	Ice             UnitValue
	Rain            UnitValue
	RainProbability float32
	SnowProbability float32
	Snow            UnitValue
	Wind            Wind

type Direction

type Direction struct {
	Degrees float32

type Forecast

type Forecast struct {
	DailyForecasts []DailyForecast

func (Forecast) MapToPot

func (f Forecast) MapToPot() []models.Forecast

type ForecastService

type ForecastService struct {
	Token       string
	GeoPosition models.GeoPositionService

func (*ForecastService) Get

type GeoPositionResponse

type GeoPositionResponse struct {
	Key string `json:"Key"`

type GeoPositionService

type GeoPositionService struct {
	Token string

func (*GeoPositionService) Get

type MetricTemperature

type MetricTemperature struct {
	Maximum MetricUnitValue
	Minimum MetricUnitValue

type MetricUnitValue

type MetricUnitValue struct {
	Metric UnitValue

type PrecipitationSummary

type PrecipitationSummary struct {
	Precipitation MetricUnitValue

type Temperature

type Temperature struct {
	Maximum UnitValue
	Minimum UnitValue

type TemperatureSummary

type TemperatureSummary struct {
	Past24HourRange MetricTemperature

type UnitValue

type UnitValue struct {
	Unit     string
	UnitType int
	Value    float32

func (*UnitValue) GetValue

func (u *UnitValue) GetValue() float32

type Wind

type Wind struct {
	Direction Direction
	Speed     UnitValue

type WindCurrent

type WindCurrent struct {
	Direction Direction
	Speed     MetricUnitValue

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