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var (
	// ErrTokenExpired return token expired err
	ErrTokenExpired = errors.New("app.err.TokenExpired")
	// ErrTokenWrongIssuer return wrong issuer err
	ErrTokenWrongIssuer = errors.New("app.err.TokenWrongIssuer")
	// ErrTokenWrongHeaderPrefix return wrong header prefix
	ErrTokenWrongHeaderPrefix = errors.New("app.err.TokenWrongHeaderPrefix")
	// ErrTokenWrongAuthorization return wrong authorization
	ErrTokenWrongAuthorization = errors.New("app.err.TokenWrongAuthorization")


func GenerateToken added in v0.0.50

func GenerateToken(app application.Application, claims jwt.Claims) (string, error)

GenerateToken generate tokens used for auth

func New

func New(app application.Application, config ...*Config) gin.HandlerFunc

New jwt middleware


type Claims

type Claims struct {
	Userkey string `json:"userkey"`

Claims data to sign

type Config

type Config struct {
	HeaderName         string
	SecretKey          string
	JwtPrefix          string
	Issuer             string
	ExpireHour         int
	IsVerifyIssuer     bool
	IsVerifyExpireHour bool
	IsVerifySecretKey  bool
	Claims             jwt.Claims
	SuccessCallback    func(c *gin.Context, claim jwt.Claims)
	MethodWhiteList    []string
	PathWhiteList      []string
	SkipValidation     bool

Config jwt config

func DefaultConfig

func DefaultConfig() *Config

DefaultConfig default jwt config

type JWTVerifier

type JWTVerifier interface {
	Middleware() gin.HandlerFunc
	// contains filtered or unexported methods

JWTVerifier jwt verifier

type JWTVerifierImpl

type JWTVerifierImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

JWTVerifierImpl impl

func (*JWTVerifierImpl) Middleware

func (m *JWTVerifierImpl) Middleware() gin.HandlerFunc

Middleware jwt middleware

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