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type ChainId

type ChainId uint8

type Message

type Message struct {
	Source       ChainId      // Source where message was initiated
	Destination  ChainId      // Destination chain of message
	Type         TransferType // type of bridge transfer
	DepositNonce Nonce        // Nonce for the deposit
	ResourceId   ResourceId
	Payload      []interface{} // data associated with event sequence

Message is used as a generic format to communicate between chains

func NewFungibleTransfer

func NewFungibleTransfer(source, dest ChainId, nonce Nonce, tokenAddress, amount *big.Int, resourceId ResourceId, recipient []byte) Message

func NewGenericTransfer

func NewGenericTransfer(source, dest ChainId, nonce Nonce, resourceId ResourceId, metadata []byte) Message

func NewNonFungibleTransfer

func NewNonFungibleTransfer(source, dest ChainId, nonce Nonce, resourceId ResourceId, tokenId *big.Int, recipient, metadata []byte) Message

type Nonce

type Nonce uint64

func (Nonce) Big

func (n Nonce) Big() *big.Int

type ResourceId

type ResourceId [32]byte

func ResourceIdFromSlice

func ResourceIdFromSlice(in []byte) ResourceId

func (ResourceId) Hex

func (r ResourceId) Hex() string

type TransferType

type TransferType string
var FungibleTransfer TransferType = "FungibleTransfer"
var GenericTransfer TransferType = "GenericTransfer"
var NonFungibleTransfer TransferType = "NonFungibleTransfer"

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