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const Magic = uint32(0xcafec0de)


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type DiskPartition

type DiskPartition struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

diskPartition represents a partition stored as a file on disk.

func OpenDiskPartition

func OpenDiskPartition(filename string) (*DiskPartition, error)

func (*DiskPartition) Close

func (p *DiskPartition) Close() error

func (*DiskPartition) Destroy

func (p *DiskPartition) Destroy() error

func (*DiskPartition) ExclusiveHold

func (p *DiskPartition) ExclusiveHold()

func (*DiskPartition) ExclusiveRelease

func (p *DiskPartition) ExclusiveRelease()

func (*DiskPartition) Filename

func (p *DiskPartition) Filename() string

func (*DiskPartition) HasMetric

func (p *DiskPartition) HasMetric(source, metric string) bool

func (*DiskPartition) HasSource

func (p *DiskPartition) HasSource(source string) bool

func (*DiskPartition) Hold

func (p *DiskPartition) Hold()

func (*DiskPartition) InsertRows

func (p *DiskPartition) InsertRows(rows []partition.Row) error

func (*DiskPartition) MaxTimestamp

func (p *DiskPartition) MaxTimestamp() int64

func (*DiskPartition) Metrics

func (p *DiskPartition) Metrics(source string) []string

func (*DiskPartition) MinTimestamp

func (p *DiskPartition) MinTimestamp() int64

func (*DiskPartition) NewIterator

func (p *DiskPartition) NewIterator(sourceName string, metricName string) (partition.Iterator, error)

NewIterator returns an Iterator for the partition that iterates over a sequence of points for the given source and metric.

func (*DiskPartition) ReadOnly

func (p *DiskPartition) ReadOnly() bool

func (*DiskPartition) Release

func (p *DiskPartition) Release()

func (*DiskPartition) SetReadOnly

func (p *DiskPartition) SetReadOnly()

func (*DiskPartition) Sources

func (p *DiskPartition) Sources() []string

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