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type BasicRawFieldNameList

type BasicRawFieldNameList struct{}

This could be done with a db table, but I like the idea of having something so critical in source control...

func (*BasicRawFieldNameList) GetInt64RawFieldNames

func (brfnl *BasicRawFieldNameList) GetInt64RawFieldNames() []string

func (*BasicRawFieldNameList) GetVariablePeriodFieldNames

func (brfnl *BasicRawFieldNameList) GetVariablePeriodFieldNames() []string

type BasicRawToScreenableMapping

type BasicRawToScreenableMapping struct{}

func (*BasicRawToScreenableMapping) GetRawToScreenableMapping

func (brtsm *BasicRawToScreenableMapping) GetRawToScreenableMapping(fr *FinancialReport) map[*int64][][]string

type Company

type Company struct {
	CIK  int64
	Name string

type FinancialReport

type FinancialReport struct {
	FinancialReportId, ReportFileId                                  int64
	CIK, Year, Quarter                                               int64
	Revenue, OperatingExpense, NetIncome                             int64
	CurrentAssets, TotalAssets, CurrentLiabilities, TotalLiabilities int64
	OperatingCash, CapitalExpenditures                               int64

TODO this will need a walk script that'll go through raw reports and parse these. there should be an option to only create new and to override all

func (*FinancialReport) GetLogStr

func (fr *FinancialReport) GetLogStr() string

func (*FinancialReport) IsValid

func (fr *FinancialReport) IsValid() error

type FinancialReportRaw

type FinancialReportRaw struct {
	CIK, Year, Quarter int64
	RawFields          map[string]int64

func (*FinancialReportRaw) GetPreviousQuarter

func (frr *FinancialReportRaw) GetPreviousQuarter() (int64, int64)

type RawFieldNameList

type RawFieldNameList interface {
	GetInt64RawFieldNames() []string
	GetVariablePeriodFieldNames() []string

type RawToScreenableMapping

type RawToScreenableMapping interface {
	GetRawToScreenableMapping(fr *FinancialReport) map[*int64][][]string

type ReportFile

type ReportFile struct {
	ReportFileId       int64
	CIK, Year, Quarter int64
	Filepath           string
	FormType           string
	Parsed             bool
	ParseError         bool

func (*ReportFile) GetLogStr

func (rf *ReportFile) GetLogStr() string

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