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const ProxeusEnvPrefix = "PROXEUS_"


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func Init

func Init()


type Configuration

type Configuration struct {
	SettingsFile    string `json:"settingsFile" default:"~/.proxeus/settings/main.json" usage:"Path to the settings file"`
	EthClientURL    string `json:"ethClientURL" default:"" usage:"Ethereum client URL"`
	EthWebSocketURL string `json:"ethWebSocketURL" default:"wss://" usage:"Ethereum websocket URL"`

	ServiceAddress string `json:"serviceAddress" default:":1323" usage:"address and port of this service"`

	AutoTLS bool `` /* 148-byte string literal not displayed */

	XESContractAddress string `json:"XESContractAddress" default:"0x84E0b37e8f5B4B86d5d299b0B0e33686405A3919"`

	AirdropWalletfile string `json:"airdropWalletfile" usage:"Path to File containing Private Key of the Wallet to fund Airdrops of XES and Ether."`
	AirdropWalletkey  string `json:"airdropWalletkey" usage:"Path to File containing the Key for the Airdrop Private Key."`

	model.Settings // extend cmd line args with settings

This configuration can be used in two ways: 1. Using the default meta in a struct 2. Using the specified arguments in flag

var Config *Configuration

func New

func New() *Configuration

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