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Psiphon Console Client README

Building with Docker

Note that you may need to use sudo docker below, depending on your OS.

Create the build image:
  1. While in the ConsoleClient directory, run the command: docker build --no-cache=true -t psiclient .

  2. Once completed, verify that you see an image named psiclient when running: docker images

Run the build:

Ensure that the command below is run from within the ConsoleClient directory

cd .. && \
  docker run \
  --rm \
  -v $PWD:/go/src/ \
  psiclient \
  /bin/bash -c './make.bash all' \
; cd -

This command can also be modified by:

  • replacing all with windows, linux, or osx as the first parameter to make.bash (as in ...&& ./make.bash windows) to only build binaries for the operating system of choice
    • if windows or linux is specified as the first parameter, the second parameter can be passed as either 32 or 64 (as in ...&& ./make.bash windows 32)to limit the builds to just one or the other (no second parameter means both will build)

When that command completes, the compiled binaries will be located in the bin directory (./bin, and everything under it will likely be owned by root, so be sure to chown to an appropriate user) under the current directory. The structure will be:

├── darwin
│   └── psiphon-tunnel-core-x86_64
├── linux
│   └── psiphon-tunnel-core-i686
│   └── psiphon-tunnel-core-x86_64
└── windows
    └── psiphon-tunnel-core-i686.exe
    └── psiphon-tunnel-core-x86_64.exe


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