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const MAX_PAYLOAD_SIZE = 100 * 1024
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const (

Packet types

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const (
	MysqlStateMax parseState


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type Mysql

type Mysql struct {

	// config
	Ports []int

	Send_request  bool
	Send_response bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Mysql) ConnectionTimeout

func (mysql *Mysql) ConnectionTimeout() time.Duration

func (*Mysql) GapInStream

func (mysql *Mysql) GapInStream(tcptuple *common.TcpTuple, dir uint8,
	nbytes int, private protos.ProtocolData) (priv protos.ProtocolData, drop bool)

func (*Mysql) GetPorts

func (mysql *Mysql) GetPorts() []int

func (*Mysql) Init

func (mysql *Mysql) Init(test_mode bool, results publish.Transactions) error

func (*Mysql) InitDefaults

func (mysql *Mysql) InitDefaults()

func (*Mysql) Parse

func (mysql *Mysql) Parse(pkt *protos.Packet, tcptuple *common.TcpTuple,
	dir uint8, private protos.ProtocolData) protos.ProtocolData

func (*Mysql) ReceivedFin

func (mysql *Mysql) ReceivedFin(tcptuple *common.TcpTuple, dir uint8,
	private protos.ProtocolData) protos.ProtocolData

type MysqlMessage

type MysqlMessage struct {
	Ts             time.Time
	IsRequest      bool
	PacketLength   uint32
	Seq            uint8
	Typ            uint8
	NumberOfRows   int
	NumberOfFields int
	Size           uint64
	Fields         []string
	Rows           [][]string
	Tables         string
	IsOK           bool
	AffectedRows   uint64
	InsertId       uint64
	IsError        bool
	ErrorCode      uint16
	ErrorInfo      string
	Query          string
	IgnoreMessage  bool

	Direction    uint8
	IsTruncated  bool
	TcpTuple     common.TcpTuple
	CmdlineTuple *common.CmdlineTuple
	Raw          []byte
	Notes        []string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type MysqlStream

type MysqlStream struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*MysqlStream) PrepareForNewMessage

func (stream *MysqlStream) PrepareForNewMessage()

type MysqlTransaction

type MysqlTransaction struct {
	Type string

	Src          common.Endpoint
	Dst          common.Endpoint
	ResponseTime int32
	Ts           int64
	JsTs         time.Time

	Query    string
	Method   string
	Path     string // for mysql, Path refers to the mysql table queried
	BytesOut uint64
	BytesIn  uint64
	Notes    []string

	Mysql common.MapStr

	Request_raw  string
	Response_raw string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

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