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const (
	DefaultMinRelayTxFee = int64(2e5)

	WalletDbName = "wallet.db"


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var (
	DefaultConfigFile = filepath.Join("./", defaultConfigFilename)
	SampleConfigFile  = filepath.Join("./", sampleConfigFilename)
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var ActiveNet = &params.MainNetParams


func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig(path string) error


type Config

type Config struct {
	ConfigFile string
	AppDataDir string
	DebugLevel string
	LogDir     string
	Create     bool

	Network string

	UI            bool
	Listeners     []string
	RPCUser       string
	RPCPass       string
	RPCCert       string
	RPCKey        string
	RPCMaxClients int64
	DisableRPC    bool
	DisableTLS    bool

	Confirmations    int64
	CoinbaseMaturity int64

	// tx fee
	MinTxFee int64

	APIs []string

	QServer        string
	QUser          string
	QPass          string
	QCert          string
	QNoTLS         bool
	QTLSSkipVerify bool
	QProxy         string
	QProxyUser     string
	QProxyPass     string

	WalletPass string `short:"w" long:"wp" description:"Path to configuration file"`

	//qitmeerd RPC
	QitmeerdSelect string
	Qitmeerds      []*client.Config

Config wallet config

func NewDefaultConfig

func NewDefaultConfig() (cfg *Config)

NewDefaultConfig make config by default value

func (*Config) Check

func (cfg *Config) Check() error

Check config rule

func (*Config) Save

func (cfg *Config) Save(savePath string) error

Save save cfg to file

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