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const (
	DefaultServiceNameSpace = "|nox|"


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var (
	// ErrNotificationsUnsupported is returned when the connection doesn't support notifications
	ErrNotificationsUnsupported = errors.New("notifications not supported")
	// ErrNotificationNotFound is returned when the notification for the given id is not found
	ErrSubscriptionNotFound = errors.New("subscription not found")


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type API

type API struct {
	NameSpace string      // namespace under which the rpc methods of Service are exposed
	Service   interface{} // receiver instance which holds the methods

API describes the set of methods offered over the RPC interface

type CodecOption

type CodecOption int

CodecOption specifies which type of messages this codec supports

const (
	// OptionMethodInvocation is an indication that the codec supports RPC method calls
	OptionMethodInvocation CodecOption = 1 << iota

	// OptionSubscriptions is an indication that the codec suports RPC notifications
	OptionSubscriptions = 1 << iota // support pub sub

type Config

type Config struct {
	RPCUser       string `short:"u" long:"rpcuser" description:"Username for RPC connections"`
	RPCPass       string `short:"P" long:"rpcpass" default-mask:"-" description:"Password for RPC connections"`
	RPCCert       string `long:"rpccert" description:"File containing the certificate file"`
	RPCKey        string `long:"rpckey" description:"File containing the certificate key"`
	RPCMaxClients int    `long:"rpcmaxclients" description:"Max number of RPC clients for standard connections"`
	DisableRPC    bool   `` /* 165-byte string literal not displayed */
	DisableTLS    bool   `` /* 127-byte string literal not displayed */

Config Server config

type Error

type Error interface {
	Error() string  // returns the message
	ErrorCode() int // returns the code

Error wraps RPC errors, which contain an error code in addition to the message.

type ID

type ID string

ID defines a pseudo random number that is used to identify RPC subscriptions.

func NewID

func NewID() ID

NewID generates a identifier that can be used as an identifier in the RPC interface. e.g. filter and subscription identifier.

type Notifier

type Notifier struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Notifier is tight to a RPC connection that supports subscriptions. Server callbacks use the notifier to send notifications.

func NotifierFromContext

func NotifierFromContext(ctx context.Context) (*Notifier, bool)

NotifierFromContext returns the Notifier value stored in ctx, if any.

func (*Notifier) Closed

func (n *Notifier) Closed() <-chan interface{}

Closed returns a channel that is closed when the RPC connection is closed.

func (*Notifier) CreateSubscription

func (n *Notifier) CreateSubscription() *Subscription

CreateSubscription returns a new subscription that is coupled to the RPC connection. By default subscriptions are inactive and notifications are dropped until the subscription is marked as active. This is done by the RPC server after the subscription ID is send to the client.

func (*Notifier) Notify

func (n *Notifier) Notify(id ID, data interface{}) error

Notify sends a notification to the client with the given data as payload. If an error occurs the RPC connection is closed and the error is returned.

type RpcServer

type RpcServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RpcServer provides a concurrent safe RPC server to a chain server.

func NewRPCServer

func NewRPCServer(cfg *Config) (*RpcServer, error)

newRPCServer returns a new instance of the rpcServer struct.

func (*RpcServer) HandleFunc

func (s *RpcServer) HandleFunc(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request)

func (*RpcServer) RegisterService

func (s *RpcServer) RegisterService(namespace string, regSvc interface{}) error

RegisterService will create a service for the given type under the given namespace. When no methods on the given type match the criteria to be either a RPC method or a subscription an error is returned. Otherwise a new service is created and added to the service registry.

func (*RpcServer) ServeSingleRequest

func (s *RpcServer) ServeSingleRequest(ctx context.Context, codec ServerCodec, options CodecOption)

ServeSingleRequest reads and processes a single RPC request from the given codec. It will not close the codec unless a non-recoverable error has occurred. Note, this method will return after a single request has been processed!

func (*RpcServer) Start

func (s *RpcServer) Start() error

func (*RpcServer) Stop

func (s *RpcServer) Stop()

Stop will stop reading new requests, wait for stopPendingRequestTimeout to allow pending requests to finish, close all codecs which will cancel pending requests/subscriptions.

type ServerCodec

type ServerCodec interface {
	// Read next request
	ReadRequestHeaders() ([]rpcRequest, bool, Error)
	// Parse request argument to the given types
	ParseRequestArguments(argTypes []reflect.Type, params interface{}) ([]reflect.Value, Error)
	// Assemble success response, expects response id and payload
	CreateResponse(id interface{}, reply interface{}) interface{}
	// Assemble error response, expects response id and error
	CreateErrorResponse(id interface{}, err Error) interface{}
	// Assemble error response with extra information about the error through info
	CreateErrorResponseWithInfo(id interface{}, err Error, info interface{}) interface{}
	// Create notification response
	CreateNotification(id, namespace string, event interface{}) interface{}
	// Write msg to client.
	Write(msg interface{}) error
	// Close underlying data stream
	// Closed when underlying connection is closed
	Closed() <-chan interface{}

ServerCodec implements reading, parsing and writing RPC messages for the server side of a RPC session. Implementations must be go-routine safe since the codec can be called in multiple go-routines concurrently.

func NewJSONCodec

func NewJSONCodec(rwc io.ReadWriteCloser) ServerCodec

NewJSONCodec creates a new RPC server codec with support for JSON-RPC 2.0.

type Subscription

type Subscription struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

a Subscription is created by a notifier and tight to that notifier. The client can use this subscription to wait for an unsubscribe request for the client, see Err().

func (*Subscription) Err

func (s *Subscription) Err() <-chan error

Err returns a channel that is closed when the client send an unsubscribe request.

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