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Copyright (c) 2018-2020 The qitmeer developers Copyright (c) 2013-2017 The btcsuite developers Copyright (c) 2015-2016 The Decred developers Use of this source code is governed by an ISC license that can be found in the LICENSE file.



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const (
	PageUseDefault  = -1
	PageDefaultNo   = 1
	PageDefaultSize = 10
	PageMaxSize     = 1000000000
	FilterIn        = 0
	FilterOut       = 1
	FilterAll       = 2
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const (
	// InsecurePubPassphrase is the default outer encryption passphrase used
	// for public data (everything but private keys).  Using a non-default
	// public passphrase can prevent an attacker without the public
	// passphrase from discovering all past and future wallet addresses if
	// they gain access to the wallet database.
	// NOTE: at time of writing, public encryption only applies to public
	// data in the waddrmgr namespace.  Transactions are not yet encrypted.
	InsecurePubPassphrase = "public"


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var (
	// ErrLoaded describes the error condition of attempting to load or
	// create a wallet when the loader has already done so.
	ErrLoaded = errors.New("wallet already loaded")

	// ErrNotLoaded describes the error condition of attempting to close a
	// loaded wallet when a wallet has not been loaded.
	ErrNotLoaded = errors.New("wallet is not loaded")

	// ErrExists describes the error condition of attempting to create a new
	// wallet when one exists already.
	ErrExists = errors.New("wallet already exists")
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var UploadRun = false


func Create

func Create(db walletdb.DB, pubPass, privPass, seed []byte, params *chaincfg.Params,
	birthday time.Time) error

func IsValidIDType

func IsValidIDType(id interface{}) bool

IsValidIDType id string number

func NewHtpc

func NewHtpc() (*httpConfig, error)

NewHtpc make qitmeerd http client

func NewHtpcByCfg

func NewHtpcByCfg(cfg *client.Config) (*httpConfig, error)

NewHtpcByCfg new httpConfig by cfg


type API

type API struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

API for wallet

func NewAPI

func NewAPI(cfg *config.Config, wt *Wallet) *API

NewAPI make api

func (*API) CreateAccount

func (api *API) CreateAccount(name string) error

CreateAccount create account

func (*API) CreateAddress

func (api *API) CreateAddress(accountName string) (string, error)

CreateAddress by accountName

func (*API) DumpPrivKey

func (api *API) DumpPrivKey(addrStr string) (string, error)

DumpPrivKey dump a single address private key

dumpPriKey handles a DumpPrivKey request with the private key for a single address, or an appropiate error if the wallet is locked.

func (*API) GetAccountByAddress

func (api *API) GetAccountByAddress(addrStr string) (string, error)

GetAccountByAddress get account name

func (*API) GetAccountsAndBalance

func (api *API) GetAccountsAndBalance() (map[string]*Balance, error)

GetAccountsAndBalance List all accounts[{account,balance}]

func (*API) GetAddressesByAccount

func (api *API) GetAddressesByAccount(accountName string) ([]string, error)

GetAddressesByAccount by account

func (*API) GetBalanceByAccount

func (api *API) GetBalanceByAccount(name string) (*Balance, error)

GetBalanceByAccount get account balance

func (*API) GetBalanceByAddr

func (api *API) GetBalanceByAddr(addrStr string) (*Balance, error)

GetBalanceByAddr get balance by address

func (*API) GetBillByAddr

func (api *API) GetBillByAddr(addr string, filter int, page int, pageSize int) (*clijson.PagedBillResult, error)

GetBillByAddr get bill of payments affecting specific address, one payment could affect ONE address

func (*API) GetTx

func (api *API) GetTx(txID string) (*corejson.TxRawResult, error)

GetTx get transaction by ID

func (*API) GetTxListByAddr

func (api *API) GetTxListByAddr(addr string, sType int, page int, pageSize int) (*clijson.PageTxRawResult, error)

GetTxListByAddr get transactions affecting specific address, one transaction could affect MULTIPLE addresses

func (*API) GetUTxo

func (api *API) GetUTxo(addr string) ([]wtxmgr.UTxo, error)

GetUTxo addr unSpend UTxo

func (*API) ImportPrivKey

func (api *API) ImportPrivKey(accountName string, key string) error

ImportPrivKey import pri key

func (*API) ImportWifPrivKey

func (api *API) ImportWifPrivKey(accountName string, key string) error

ImportWifPrivKey import a WIF-encoded private key and adding it to an account a WIF-encoded private key and adding it to an account.

func (*API) Lock

func (api *API) Lock() error

Lock wallet

func (*API) SendToAddress

func (api *API) SendToAddress(addressStr string, amount float64) (string, error)

SendToAddress handles a sendtoaddress RPC request by creating a new transaction spending unspent transaction outputs for a wallet to another payment address. Leftover inputs not sent to the payment address or a fee for the miner are sent back to a new address in the wallet. Upon success, the TxID for the created transaction is returned.

func (*API) SendToAddressByAccount

func (api *API) SendToAddressByAccount(accountName string, addressStr string, amount float64, comment string, commentTo string) (string, error)

SendToAddressByAccount by account

func (*API) SendToMany

func (api *API) SendToMany(addAmounts map[string]float64) (string, error)

func (*API) SyncStats

func (api *API) SyncStats() (*SyncStats, error)

SyncStats block update stats

func (*API) Unlock

func (api *API) Unlock(walletPriPass string, second int64) error

Unlock wallet

type AccountAndAddressResult

type AccountAndAddressResult struct {
	AccountNumber uint32
	AccountName   string
	AddrsOutput   []AddrAndAddrTxOutput

type AccountBalanceResult

type AccountBalanceResult struct {
	AccountNumber  uint32
	AccountName    string
	AccountBalance types.Amount

AccountBalanceResult is a single result for the Wallet.AccountBalances method.

type AddrAndAddrTxOutput

type AddrAndAddrTxOutput struct {
	Addr string

	Txoutput []wtxmgr.AddrTxOutput
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type Balance

type Balance struct {
	TotalAmount   types.Amount // 总数
	SpendAmount   types.Amount // 已花费
	UnspendAmount types.Amount //未花费
	ConfirmAmount types.Amount //待确认

type Loader

type Loader struct {
	Cfg *config.Config
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLoader

func NewLoader(chainParams *chaincfg.Params, dbDirPath string,
	recoveryWindow uint32, cfg *config.Config) *Loader

func (*Loader) CreateNewWallet

func (l *Loader) CreateNewWallet(pubPassphrase, privPassphrase, seed []byte,
	bday time.Time) (*Wallet, error)

CreateNewWallet creates a new wallet using the provided public and private passphrases. The seed is optional. If non-nil, addresses are derived from this seed. If nil, a secure random seed is generated.

func (*Loader) LoadedWallet

func (l *Loader) LoadedWallet() (*Wallet, bool)

LoadedWallet returns the loaded wallet, if any, and a bool for whether the wallet has been loaded or not. If true, the wallet pointer should be safe to dereference.

func (*Loader) OpenExistingWallet

func (l *Loader) OpenExistingWallet(pubPassphrase []byte, canConsolePrompt bool) (*Wallet, error)

OpenExistingWallet opens the wallet from the loader's wallet database path and the public passphrase. If the loader is being called by a context where standard input prompts may be used during wallet upgrades, setting canConsolePrompt will enables these prompts.

func (*Loader) OpenWallet

func (l *Loader) OpenWallet() (*Wallet, error)

func (*Loader) RunAfterLoad

func (l *Loader) RunAfterLoad(fn func(*Wallet))

RunAfterLoad adds a function to be executed when the loader creates or opens a wallet. Functions are executed in a single goroutine in the order they are added.

func (*Loader) UnloadWallet

func (l *Loader) UnloadWallet() error

UnloadWallet stops the loaded wallet, if any, and closes the wallet database. This returns ErrNotLoaded if the wallet has not been loaded with CreateNewWallet or LoadExistingWallet. The Loader may be reused if this function returns without error.

func (*Loader) WalletExists

func (l *Loader) WalletExists() (bool, error)

WalletExists returns whether a file exists at the loader's database path. This may return an error for unexpected I/O failures.

type RPCError

type RPCError struct {
	Code    RPCErrorCode `json:"code,omitempty"`
	Message string       `json:"message,omitempty"`

RPCError represents an error that is used as a part of a JSON-RPC Response object.

func (RPCError) Error

func (e RPCError) Error() string

type RPCErrorCode

type RPCErrorCode int

A specific type is used to help ensure the wrong errors aren't used.

type Request

type Request struct {
	Jsonrpc string            `json:"jsonrpc"`
	Method  string            `json:"method"`
	Params  []json.RawMessage `json:"params"`
	ID      interface{}       `json:"id"`

Request json req

type Response

type Response struct {
	Jsonrpc string          `json:"jsonrpc"`
	Result  json.RawMessage `json:"result"`
	Error   *RPCError       `json:"error"`
	ID      *interface{}    `json:"id"`

type SyncStats

type SyncStats struct {
	Height int32

SyncStats block update stats

type Wallet

type Wallet struct {
	Manager *waddrmgr.Manager
	TxStore *wtxmgr.Store

	HttpClient *httpConfig

	SyncHeight     int32
	SyncMainHeight int32
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func Open

func Open(db walletdb.DB, pubPass []byte, _ *waddrmgr.OpenCallbacks,
	params *chaincfg.Params, _ uint32, cfg *config.Config) (*Wallet, error)

Open loads an already-created wallet from the passed database and namespaces.

func (*Wallet) AccountAddresses

func (w *Wallet) AccountAddresses(account uint32) (addrs []types.Address, err error)

AccountAddresses returns the addresses for every created address for an account.

func (*Wallet) AccountBalances

func (w *Wallet) AccountBalances(scope waddrmgr.KeyScope) ([]AccountBalanceResult, error)

AccountBalances returns all accounts in the wallet and their balances. Balances are determined by excluding transactions that have not met requiredConfs confirmations.

func (*Wallet) AccountName

func (w *Wallet) AccountName(scope waddrmgr.KeyScope, accountNumber uint32) (string, error)

AccountName returns the name of an account.

func (*Wallet) AccountNumber

func (w *Wallet) AccountNumber(scope waddrmgr.KeyScope, accountName string) (uint32, error)

AccountNumber returns the account number for an account name under a particular key scope.

func (*Wallet) AccountOfAddress

func (w *Wallet) AccountOfAddress(a types.Address) (uint32, error)

AccountOfAddress finds the account that an address is associated with.

func (*Wallet) ChainParams

func (w *Wallet) ChainParams() *chaincfg.Params

ChainParams returns the network parameters for the blockchain the wallet belongs to.

func (*Wallet) Database

func (w *Wallet) Database() walletdb.DB

Database returns the underlying walletdb database. This method is provided in order to allow applications wrapping btcwallet to store app-specific data with the wallet's database.

func (*Wallet) DumpWIFPrivateKey

func (w *Wallet) DumpWIFPrivateKey(addr types.Address) (string, error)

DumpWIFPrivateKey returns the WIF encoded private key for a single wallet address.

func (*Wallet) GetAccountAndAddress

func (w *Wallet) GetAccountAndAddress(scope waddrmgr.KeyScope) ([]AccountAndAddressResult, error)

func (*Wallet) GetBalance

func (w *Wallet) GetBalance(addr string) (*Balance, error)

func (*Wallet) GetBillByAddr

func (w *Wallet) GetBillByAddr(addr string, filter int, pageNo int, pageSize int) (*clijson.PagedBillResult, error)

request the bill of a specific address, a bill is the log of payments, which are the effects that a transaction makes on a specific address a payment can affect only ONE address

func (*Wallet) GetListTxByAddr

func (w *Wallet) GetListTxByAddr(addr string, sType int, pageNo int, pageSize int) (*clijson.PageTxRawResult, error)

* request all the transactions that affect a specific address, a transaction can have MULTIPLE payments and affect MULTIPLE addresses

sType 0 Turn in 1 Turn out 2 all no page

func (*Wallet) GetSyncBlockHeight

func (w *Wallet) GetSyncBlockHeight() int32

func (*Wallet) GetTx

func (w *Wallet) GetTx(txId string) (corejson.TxRawResult, error)

func (*Wallet) GetTxSpendInfo

func (w *Wallet) GetTxSpendInfo(txId string) ([]*wtxmgr.AddrTxOutput, error)

func (*Wallet) GetUtxo

func (w *Wallet) GetUtxo(addr string) ([]wtxmgr.UTxo, error)

func (*Wallet) ImportPrivateKey

func (w *Wallet) ImportPrivateKey(scope waddrmgr.KeyScope, wif *utils.WIF) (string, error)

ImportPrivateKey imports a private key to the wallet and writes the new wallet to disk.

NOTE: If a block stamp is not provided, then the wallet's birthday will be set to the genesis block of the corresponding chain.

func (*Wallet) Lock

func (w *Wallet) Lock()

// Lock locks the wallet's address manager.

func (*Wallet) Locked

func (w *Wallet) Locked() bool

// Locked returns whether the account manager for a wallet is locked.

func (*Wallet) NewAddress

func (w *Wallet) NewAddress(
	scope waddrmgr.KeyScope, account uint32) (types.Address, error)

NewAddress returns the next external chained address for a wallet.

func (*Wallet) NextAccount

func (w *Wallet) NextAccount(scope waddrmgr.KeyScope, name string) (uint32, error)

NextAccount creates the next account and returns its account number. The name must be unique to the account. In order to support automatic seed restoring, new accounts may not be created when all of the previous 100 accounts have no transaction history (this is a deviation from the BIP0044 spec, which allows no unused account gaps).

func (*Wallet) SendOutputs

func (w *Wallet) SendOutputs(outputs []*types.TxOutput, account int64, satPerKb types.Amount) (*string, error)

SendOutputs creates and sends payment transactions. It returns the transaction upon success.

func (*Wallet) SendPairs

func (w *Wallet) SendPairs(amounts map[string]types.Amount,
	account int64, feeSatPerKb types.Amount) (string, error)

sendPairs creates and sends payment transactions. It returns the transaction hash in string format upon success All errors are returned in btcjson.RPCError format

func (*Wallet) SetSyncedToNum

func (w *Wallet) SetSyncedToNum(order int64) error

func (*Wallet) ShuttingDown

func (w *Wallet) ShuttingDown() bool

ShuttingDown returns whether the wallet is currently in the process of shutting down or not.

func (*Wallet) Start

func (w *Wallet) Start()

Start starts the goroutines necessary to manage a wallet.

func (*Wallet) Stop

func (w *Wallet) Stop()

Stop signals all wallet goroutines to shutdown.

func (*Wallet) SyncTx

func (w *Wallet) SyncTx(order int64) (clijson.BlockHttpResult, error)

func (*Wallet) UnLockManager

func (w *Wallet) UnLockManager(passphrase []byte) error

func (*Wallet) Unlock

func (w *Wallet) Unlock(passphrase []byte, lock <-chan time.Time) error

Unlock unlocks the wallet's address manager and relocks it after timeout has expired. If the wallet is already unlocked and the new passphrase is correct, the current timeout is replaced with the new one. The wallet will be locked if the passphrase is incorrect or any other error occurs during the unlock.

func (*Wallet) UpdateBlock

func (w *Wallet) UpdateBlock(toHeight int64) error

func (*Wallet) WaitForShutdown

func (w *Wallet) WaitForShutdown()

WaitForShutdown blocks until all wallet goroutines have finished executing.


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Package txrules provides transaction rules that should be followed by transaction authors for wide mempool acceptance and quick mining.
Package txrules provides transaction rules that should be followed by transaction authors for wide mempool acceptance and quick mining.

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