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var (
	BucketAddrtxin  = []byte("in")
	BucketAddrtxout = []byte("out")
	BucketTxJson    = []byte("txjson")

Bucket names


func Create

func Create(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket) error

Create creates a new persistent transaction store in the walletdb namespace. Creating the store when one already exists in this namespace will error with ErrAlreadyExists.

func DependencySort

func DependencySort(txs map[hash.Hash]*types.Transaction) []*types.Transaction

func IsCoinBaseTx

func IsCoinBaseTx(tx *types.Transaction) bool

func ReadAddrTxOutput

func ReadAddrTxOutput(v []byte, txout *AddrTxOutput) (err error)

func ValueAddrTxOutput

func ValueAddrTxOutput(txout *AddrTxOutput) []byte


type AddrTxOutput

type AddrTxOutput struct {
	Address    string
	TxId       hash.Hash
	Index      uint32
	Amount     types.Amount
	Block      Block
	Spend      SpendStatus
	SpendTo    *SpendTo
	IsBlue     bool
	IsCoinbase bool

type AddrTxOutputs

type AddrTxOutputs []AddrTxOutput

func (AddrTxOutputs) Len

func (s AddrTxOutputs) Len() int

func (AddrTxOutputs) Less

func (s AddrTxOutputs) Less(i, j int) bool

func (AddrTxOutputs) Swap

func (s AddrTxOutputs) Swap(i, j int)

type Block

type Block struct {
	Hash       hash.Hash
	Height     int32
	MainHeight int32

Block contains the minimum amount of data to uniquely identify any block on either the best or side chain.

type BlockMeta

type BlockMeta struct {
	Time time.Time

BlockMeta contains the unique identification for a block and any metadata pertaining to the block. At the moment, this additional metadata only includes the block time from the block header.

type Credit

type Credit struct {
	Amount       types.Amount
	PkScript     []byte
	Received     time.Time
	FromCoinBase bool

Credit is the type representing a transaction output which was spent or is still spendable by wallet. A UTXO is an unspent Credit, but not all Credits are UTXOs.

type CreditRecord

type CreditRecord struct {
	Amount types.Amount
	Index  uint32
	Spent  bool
	Change bool

CreditRecord contains metadata regarding a transaction credit for a known transaction. Further details may be looked up by indexing a wire.MsgTx.TxOut with the Index field.

type DebitRecord

type DebitRecord struct {
	Amount types.Amount
	Index  uint32

DebitRecord contains metadata regarding a transaction debit for a known transaction. Further details may be looked up by indexing a wire.MsgTx.TxIn with the Index field.

type Error

type Error struct {
	Code ErrorCode // Describes the kind of error
	Desc string    // Human readable description of the issue
	Err  error     // Underlying error, optional

Error provides a single type for errors that can happen during Store operation.

func (Error) Error

func (e Error) Error() string

Error satisfies the error interface and prints human-readable errors.

type ErrorCode

type ErrorCode uint8

ErrorCode identifies a category of error.

const (
	// ErrDatabase indicates an error with the underlying database.  When
	// this error code is set, the Err field of the Error will be
	// set to the underlying error returned from the database.
	ErrDatabase ErrorCode = iota

	// ErrData describes an error where data stored in the transaction
	// database is incorrect.  This may be due to missing values, values of
	// wrong sizes, or data from different buckets that is inconsistent with
	// itself.  Recovering from an ErrData requires rebuilding all
	// transaction history or manual database surgery.  If the failure was
	// not due to data corruption, this error category indicates a
	// programming error in this package.

	// ErrInput describes an error where the variables passed into this
	// function by the caller are obviously incorrect.  Examples include
	// passing transactions which do not serialize, or attempting to insert
	// a credit at an index for which no transaction output exists.

	// ErrAlreadyExists describes an error where creating the store cannot
	// continue because a store already exists in the namespace.

	// ErrNoExists describes an error where the store cannot be opened due to
	// it not already existing in the namespace.  This error should be
	// handled by creating a new store.

	// ErrNeedsUpgrade describes an error during store opening where the
	// database contains an older version of the store.

	// ErrUnknownVersion describes an error where the store already exists
	// but the database version is newer than latest version known to this
	// software.  This likely indicates an outdated binary.

These constants are used to identify a specific Error.

func (ErrorCode) String

func (e ErrorCode) String() string

String returns the ErrorCode as a human-readable name.

type MigrationManager

type MigrationManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

MigrationManager is an implementation of the migration.Manager interface that will be used to handle migrations for the address manager. It exposes the necessary parameters required to successfully perform migrations.

func (*MigrationManager) CurrentVersion

func (m *MigrationManager) CurrentVersion(ns walletdb.ReadBucket) (uint32, error)

CurrentVersion returns the current version of the service's database.

NOTE: This method is part of the migration.Manager interface.

func (*MigrationManager) Name

func (m *MigrationManager) Name() string

Name returns the name of the service we'll be attempting to upgrade. NOTE: This method is part of the migration.Manager interface.

func (*MigrationManager) Namespace

func (m *MigrationManager) Namespace() walletdb.ReadWriteBucket

Namespace returns the top-level bucket of the service.

NOTE: This method is part of the migration.Manager interface.

func (*MigrationManager) SetVersion

func (m *MigrationManager) SetVersion(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket,
	version uint32) error

SetVersion sets the version of the service's database.

NOTE: This method is part of the migration.Manager interface.

func (*MigrationManager) Versions

func (m *MigrationManager) Versions() []migration.Version

Versions returns all of the available database versions of the service.

NOTE: This method is part of the migration.Manager interface.

type SpendStatus

type SpendStatus int32
const (
	SpendStatusUnspent     SpendStatus = 0
	SpendStatusSpend       SpendStatus = 1
	SpendStatusUnconfirmed SpendStatus = 2

type SpendTo

type SpendTo struct {
	Index  uint32
	TxHash hash.Hash

type Store

type Store struct {

	// Event callbacks.  These execute in the same goroutine as the wtxmgr
	// caller.
	NotifyUnspent func(hash *hash.Hash, index uint32)
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Store implements a transaction store for storing and managing wallet transactions.

func Open

func Open(ns walletdb.ReadBucket, chainParams *params.Params) (*Store, error)

Open opens the wallet transaction store from a walletdb namespace. If the store does not exist, ErrNoExist is returned.

func (*Store) AddCredit

func (s *Store) AddCredit(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket, rec *TxRecord, block *BlockMeta, index uint32, change bool) error

AddCredit marks a transaction record as containing a transaction output spendable by wallet. The output is added unspent, and is marked spent when a new transaction spending the output is inserted into the store.

func (*Store) Balance

func (s *Store) Balance(ns walletdb.ReadBucket, minConf int32, syncHeight int32) (types.Amount, error)

Balance returns the spendable wallet balance (total value of all unspent transaction outputs) given a minimum of minConf confirmations, calculated at a current chain height of curHeight. Coinbase outputs are only included in the balance if maturity has been reached.

Balance may return unexpected results if syncHeight is lower than the block height of the most recent mined transaction in the store.

func (*Store) GetAddrTxOut

func (s *Store) GetAddrTxOut(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket, address string, point types.TxOutPoint) (*AddrTxOutput, error)

func (*Store) InsertAddrTxOut

func (s *Store) InsertAddrTxOut(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket, txOut *AddrTxOutput) error

func (*Store) InsertTx

func (s *Store) InsertTx(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket, rec *TxRecord, block *BlockMeta) error

InsertTx records a transaction as belonging to a wallet's transaction history. If block is nil, the transaction is considered unspent, and the transaction's index must be unset.

func (*Store) PreviousPkScripts

func (s *Store) PreviousPkScripts(ns walletdb.ReadBucket, rec *TxRecord, block *Block) ([][]byte, error)

PreviousPkScripts returns a slice of previous output scripts for each credit output this transaction record debits from.

func (*Store) RangeTransactions

func (s *Store) RangeTransactions(ns walletdb.ReadBucket, begin, end int32,
	f func([]TxDetails) (bool, error)) error

RangeTransactions runs the function f on all transaction details between blocks on the best chain over the height range [begin,end]. The special height -1 may be used to also include unMined transactions. If the end height comes before the begin height, blocks are iterated in reverse order and unMined transactions (if any) are processed first.

The function f may return an error which, if non-nil, is propagated to the caller. Additionally, a boolean return value allows exiting the function early without reading any additional transactions early when true.

All calls to f are guaranteed to be passed a slice with more than zero elements. The slice may be reused for multiple blocks, so it is not safe to use it after the loop iteration it was acquired.

func (*Store) RemoveUnMinedTx

func (s *Store) RemoveUnMinedTx(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket, rec *TxRecord) error

RemoveUnMinedTx attempts to remove an unMined transaction from the transaction store. This is to be used in the scenario that a transaction that we attempt to rebroadcast, turns out to double spend one of our existing inputs. This function we remove the conflicting transaction identified by the tx record, and also recursively remove all transactions that depend on it.

func (*Store) Rollback

func (s *Store) Rollback(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket, height int32) error

Rollback removes all blocks at height onwards, moving any transactions within each block to the unconfirmed pool.

func (*Store) TxDetails

func (s *Store) TxDetails(ns walletdb.ReadBucket, txHash *hash.Hash) (*TxDetails, error)

TxDetails looks up all recorded details regarding a transaction with some hash. In case of a hash collision, the most recent transaction with a matching hash is returned.

Not finding a transaction with this hash is not an error. In this case, a nil TxDetails is returned.

func (*Store) UnMinedTxHashes

func (s *Store) UnMinedTxHashes(ns walletdb.ReadBucket) ([]*hash.Hash, error)

UnMinedTxHashes returns the hashes of all transactions not known to have been mined in a block.

func (*Store) UnMinedTxs

func (s *Store) UnMinedTxs(ns walletdb.ReadBucket) ([]*types.Transaction, error)

UnMinedTxs returns the underlying transactions for all unMined transactions which are not known to have been mined in a block. Transactions are guaranteed to be sorted by their dependency order.

func (*Store) UniqueTxDetails

func (s *Store) UniqueTxDetails(ns walletdb.ReadBucket, txHash *hash.Hash,
	block *Block) (*TxDetails, error)

UniqueTxDetails looks up all recorded details for a transaction recorded mined in some particular block, or an unMined transaction if block is nil.

Not finding a transaction with this hash from this block is not an error. In this case, a nil TxDetails is returned.

func (*Store) UnspentOutputs

func (s *Store) UnspentOutputs(ns walletdb.ReadBucket) ([]Credit, error)

UnspentOutputs returns all unspent received transaction outputs. The order is undefined.

func (*Store) UpdateAddrTxIn

func (s *Store) UpdateAddrTxIn(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket, addr string, outPoint *types.TxOutPoint) error

func (*Store) UpdateAddrTxOut

func (s *Store) UpdateAddrTxOut(ns walletdb.ReadWriteBucket, txOut *AddrTxOutput) error

type TxDetails

type TxDetails struct {
	Block   BlockMeta
	Credits []CreditRecord
	Debits  []DebitRecord

TxDetails is intended to provide callers with access to rich details regarding a relevant transaction and which inputs and outputs are credit or debits.

type TxInputPoint

type TxInputPoint struct {
	TxOutPoint types.TxOutPoint
	SpendTo    SpendTo

type TxRecord

type TxRecord struct {
	MsgTx        types.Transaction
	Hash         hash.Hash
	Received     time.Time
	SerializedTx []byte // Optional: may be nil

TxRecord represents a transaction managed by the Store.

type UTxo

type UTxo struct {
	TxId   string
	Index  uint32
	Amount types.Amount

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