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func ConvertToInterfacePrivkey

func ConvertToInterfacePrivkey(privkey *ecdsa.PrivateKey) crypto.PrivKey


type Node

type Node struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Node) Context

func (node *Node) Context() context.Context

func (*Node) Disconnect

func (node *Node) Disconnect(pid peer.ID) error

func (*Node) Encoding

func (node *Node) Encoding() encoder.NetworkEncoding

func (*Node) Exit

func (node *Node) Exit() error

func (*Node) Host

func (node *Node) Host() host.Host

func (*Node) IncreaseBytesRecv

func (node *Node) IncreaseBytesRecv(pid peer.ID, size int)

func (*Node) IncreaseBytesSent

func (node *Node) IncreaseBytesSent(pid peer.ID, size int)

func (*Node) Init

func (node *Node) Init(cfg *config.Config) error

func (*Node) Run

func (node *Node) Run() error

type Service

type Service interface {

	// APIs retrieves the list of RPC descriptors the service provides
	APIs() []rpc.API

	// Start is called after all services have been constructed and the networking
	// layer was also initialized to spawn any goroutines required by the service.
	Start() error

	// Stop terminates all goroutines belonging to the service, blocking until they
	// are all terminated.
	Stop() error

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