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type ACME

type ACME struct {
	Email               string            `yaml:"email"`
	Server              string            `yaml:"server"`
	PrivateKeySecretRef map[string]string `yaml:"privateKeySecretRef"`
	Solvers             []Solver          `yaml:"solvers"`

type CloudDNSSolver

type CloudDNSSolver struct {
	Project                 string            `yaml:"project"`
	ServiceAccountSecretRef map[string]string `yaml:"serviceAccountSecretRef"`

type CloudflareSolver

type CloudflareSolver struct {
	Email           string            `yaml:"email"`
	APIKeySecretRef map[string]string `yaml:"apiKeySecretRef"`

type ContainerPort

type ContainerPort struct {
	Port     int    `yaml:"containerPort"`
	Protocol string `yaml:"protocol"`

type ContainerVolume

type ContainerVolume struct {
	Name      string `yaml:"name"`
	ReadOnly  bool   `yaml:"readOnly"`
	MountPath string `yaml:"mountPath"`

type DNSSolver

type DNSSolver struct {
	Route53      Route53Solver      `yaml:"route53"`
	DigitalOcean DigitalOceanSolver `yaml:"digitalocean"`
	Cloudflare   CloudflareSolver   `yaml:"cloudflare"`
	CloudDNS     CloudDNSSolver     `yaml:"clouddns"`

type DeploymentContainers

type DeploymentContainers struct {
	Name                    string            `yaml:"name"`
	Args                    []string          `yaml:"args"`
	Image                   string            `yaml:"image"`
	ImagePullPolicy         string            `yaml:"imagePullPolicy"`
	ContainerReadinessProbe LivenessProbe     `yaml:"livenessProbe"`
	ContainerEnvironment    []Environment     `yaml:"env"`
	Ports                   []ContainerPort   `yaml:"ports"`
	Volumes                 []ContainerVolume `yaml:"volumeMounts"`
	SecurityContext         map[string]string `yaml:"securityContext"`

type DeploymentVolumes

type DeploymentVolumes struct {
	SecretName string            `yaml:"name"`
	SecretInfo map[string]string `yaml:"secret"`

type DigitalOceanSolver

type DigitalOceanSolver struct {
	TokenSecretRef map[string]string `yaml:"tokenSecretRef"`

type Environment

type Environment struct {
	Name  string `yaml:"name"`
	Value string `yaml:"value"`

type ExecProbe

type ExecProbe struct {
	Command []string `yaml:"command"`

type HttpPaths

type HttpPaths struct {
	Paths []PathType `yaml:"paths,flow"`

type HttpProbe

type HttpProbe struct {
	Path string `yaml:"path"`
	Port int    `yaml:"port"`

type LivenessProbe

type LivenessProbe struct {
	HttpGet             HttpProbe `yaml:"httpGet"`
	ExecProbe           ExecProbe `yaml:"exec"`
	TimeoutSeconds      int       `yaml:"timeoutSeconds"`
	InitialDelaySeconds int       `yaml:"initialDelaySeconds"`
	PeriodSeconds       int       `yaml:"periodSeconds"`

type MapSpec

type MapSpec struct {
	Type     string            `yaml:"type,omitempty"`
	Ports    []SvcPorts        `yaml:"ports,omitempty"`
	Selector map[string]string `yaml:"selector,omitempty"`

type MatchLabelSelector

type MatchLabelSelector struct {
	MatchLabels map[string]string `yaml:"matchLabels"`

type MetadataItems

type MetadataItems struct {
	Name        string            `yaml:"name,omitempty"`
	Namespace   string            `yaml:"namespace,omitempty"`
	Annotations map[string]string `yaml:"annotations,omitempty"`
	Labels      map[string]string `yaml:"labels,omitempty"`

type NamespaceSelector

type NamespaceSelector struct {
	MatchLabels map[string]string  `yaml:"matchLabels"`
	PodSelector MatchLabelSelector `yaml:"podSelector,omitempty"`

type NetworkIngress

type NetworkIngress struct {
	From []NetworkSelectors `yaml:"from,flow"`

type NetworkSelectors

type NetworkSelectors struct {
	Namespace NamespaceSelector  `yaml:"namespaceSelector,omitempty"`
	Pod       MatchLabelSelector `yaml:"podSelector,omitempty"`

type PathType

type PathType struct {
	Path    string            `yaml:"path"`
	Backend map[string]string `yaml:"backend"`

type Route53Solver

type Route53Solver struct {
	Region                   string            `yaml:"region"`
	AccessKeyID              string            `yaml:"accessKeyID"`
	SecretAccessKeySecretRef map[string]string `yaml:"secretAccessKeySecretRef"`

type Rules

type Rules struct {
	ApiGroups []string `yaml:"apiGroups"`
	Resources []string `yaml:"resources"`
	Verbs     []string `yaml:"verbs"`

type Solver

type Solver struct {
	DNSSolver DNSSolver `yaml:"dns01"`

type Spec

type Spec struct {
	TLS         []TLSSpec          `yaml:"tls,omitempty"`
	Rules       []SpecRules        `yaml:"rules,flow,omitempty"`
	PolicyTypes []string           `yaml:"policyTypes,flow,omitempty"`
	PodSelector map[string]string  `yaml:"podSelector,omitempty"`
	Ingress     []NetworkIngress   `yaml:"ingress,omitempty"`
	Replicas    int                `yaml:"replicas"`
	Selector    MatchLabelSelector `yaml:"selector,omitempty"`
	Template    SpecTemplate       `yaml:"template"`
	ACME        ACME               `yaml:"acme"`

type SpecRules

type SpecRules struct {
	Host string    `yaml:"host"`
	Http HttpPaths `yaml:"http"`

type SpecTemplate

type SpecTemplate struct {
	Metadata MetadataItems `yaml:"metadata"`
	Spec     TemplateSpec  `yaml:"spec"`

type Subjects

type Subjects struct {
	Kind      string `yaml:"kind"`
	Name      string `yaml:"name"`
	Namespace string `yaml:"namespace"`

type SvcPorts

type SvcPorts struct {
	Name       string `yaml:"name"`
	Port       int    `yaml:"port"`
	Protocol   string `yaml:"protocol"`
	TargetPort int    `yaml:"targetPort"`

type SvcSpec

type SvcSpec struct {
	ApiVersion string        `yaml:"apiVersion"`
	Kind       string        `yaml:"kind"`
	Metadata   MetadataItems `yaml:"metadata"`
	Spec       MapSpec       `yaml:"spec"`

type TLSSpec

type TLSSpec struct {
	Hosts      []string `yaml:"hosts"`
	SecretName string   `yaml:"secretName"`

type TemplateSpec

type TemplateSpec struct {
	Volumes    []DeploymentVolumes    `yaml:"volumes"`
	Containers []DeploymentContainers `yaml:"containers"`

type YamlSpec

type YamlSpec struct {
	ApiVersion string            `yaml:"apiVersion"`
	Kind       string            `yaml:"kind"`
	Metadata   MetadataItems     `yaml:"metadata"`
	Spec       Spec              `yaml:"spec"`
	Subjects   []Subjects        `yaml:"subjects"`
	RoleRef    map[string]string `yaml:"roleRef"`
	Rules      []Rules           `yaml:"rules"`

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