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edge-router for wildcard domain-name

This is the single point of entry for all HTTP requests for OpenFaaS Cloud. When deployed it sits in front of the gateway to translate DNS entries to function paths.


Example of host-to-URL translations:

The convention is that a username becomes a sub-domain and the first part of the HTTP path becomes the function the user sees in a URL. At the gateway both parts are combined in the function name: username-function

Username: alexellis (Git user) Function: kubecon-tester

Deployed function: alexellis-kubecon-tester

User-facing proxy address: https://alexellis.domain.io/kubecon-tester

Gateway address: http://gateway:8080/function/alexellis-kubecon-tester


The value upstream_url should point to an OpenFaaS API Gateway

upstream_url= port=8081 go run main.go

Test it:

curl -H "Host: alexellis.domain.io" localhost:8081/kubecon-tester


TAG=0.7.5 make build push

Note: on Kubernetes change gateway:8080 to gateway.openfaas:8080.

If you wish to bypass authentication you can run the router auth an auth_url of the echo function deployed via the stack.yml.


# As a container

docker rm -f edge-router

docker run \
 -e upstream_url=http://gateway:8080 \
 -e auth_url=http://echo:8080 \
 -p 8081:8080 \
 --network=func_functions \
 --name edge-router \
 -d openfaas/edge-router:$TAG

# Or as a service

docker service rm edge-router

docker service create --network=func_functions \
 --env upstream_url=http://gateway:8080 \
 --env auth_url=http://echo:8080 \
 --publish 8081:8080 \
 --name edge-router \
 -d openfaas/edge-router:$TAG


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