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const (
	Source = "git-tar"
	GitLab = "gitlab"
	GitHub = "github"

Source of this event for auditing

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const ConfigFileName = "com.openfaas.docker.config"

ConfigFileName for Docker bundle


This section is empty.


func GitHubCloneURL

func GitHubCloneURL(pushEvent sdk.PushEvent) (string, error)

GitHubCloneURL builds a URL from an sdk.PushEvent on how to clone a GitHub repository

func GitLabCloneURL

func GitLabCloneURL(pushEvent sdk.PushEvent) (string, error)

GitLabCloneURL builds a URL from an sdk.PushEvent on how to clone a GitLab repository

func Handle

func Handle(req []byte) []byte

Handle clones the git repo and checks out the SHA then uses the OpenFaaS CLI to shrinkwrap a tarball to be build with Docker


type GarbageRequest

type GarbageRequest struct {
	Functions []string `json:"functions"`
	Repo      string   `json:"repo"`
	Owner     string   `json:"owner"`

type GitRepoFetcher

type GitRepoFetcher struct {

func (GitRepoFetcher) Checkout

func (c GitRepoFetcher) Checkout(commitID, path string) error

func (GitRepoFetcher) Clone

func (c GitRepoFetcher) Clone(url, path string) error

type RepoFetcher

type RepoFetcher interface {
	Clone(url, path string) error
	Checkout(commitID, path string) error

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