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Package toll_free contains auto-generated files. DO NOT MODIFY

Package toll_free contains auto-generated files. DO NOT MODIFY



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type AvailablePhoneNumbersPageOptions

type AvailablePhoneNumbersPageOptions struct {
	PageSize                      *int
	AreaCode                      *int
	Contains                      *string
	SmsEnabled                    *bool
	MmsEnabled                    *bool
	VoiceEnabled                  *bool
	ExcludeAllAddressRequired     *bool
	ExcludeLocalAddressRequired   *bool
	ExcludeForeignAddressRequired *bool
	Beta                          *bool
	NearNumber                    *string
	NearLatLong                   *string
	Distance                      *int
	InPostalCode                  *string
	InRegion                      *string
	InRateCenter                  *string
	InLata                        *string
	InLocality                    *string
	FaxEnabled                    *bool

AvailablePhoneNumbersPageOptions defines the query options for the api operation

type AvailablePhoneNumbersPageResponse

type AvailablePhoneNumbersPageResponse struct {
	AvailablePhoneNumbers []PageAvailablePhoneNumberResponse `json:"available_phone_numbers"`
	URI                   string                             `json:"uri"`

AvailablePhoneNumbersPageResponse defines the response fields for the available toll free phone numbers page

type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client for managing available toll free phone number resources See for more details

func New

func New(client *client.Client, properties ClientProperties) *Client

New creates a new instance of the toll free client

func (Client) Page

Page retrieves a page of available toll free phone numbers See for more details Context is defaulted to Background. See for more information

func (Client) PageWithContext

PageWithContext retrieves a page of available toll free phone numbers See for more details

type ClientProperties

type ClientProperties struct {
	AccountSid  string
	CountryCode string

ClientProperties are the properties required to manage the toll free resources

type PageAvailablePhoneNumberCapabilitiesResponse added in v0.6.0

type PageAvailablePhoneNumberCapabilitiesResponse struct {
	Fax   *bool `json:"fax,omitempty"`
	Mms   bool  `json:"MMS"`
	Sms   bool  `json:"SMS"`
	Voice bool  `json:"voice"`

type PageAvailablePhoneNumberResponse

type PageAvailablePhoneNumberResponse struct {
	AddressRequirements string                                       `json:"address_requirements"`
	Beta                bool                                         `json:"beta"`
	Capabilities        PageAvailablePhoneNumberCapabilitiesResponse `json:"capabilities"`
	FriendlyName        string                                       `json:"friendly_name"`
	IsoCountry          string                                       `json:"iso_country"`
	Lata                *string                                      `json:"lata,omitempty"`
	Latitude            string                                       `json:"latitude"`
	Locality            *string                                      `json:"locality,omitempty"`
	Longitude           string                                       `json:"longitude"`
	PhoneNumber         string                                       `json:"phone_number"`
	PostalCode          *string                                      `json:"postal_code,omitempty"`
	RateCenter          *string                                      `json:"rate_center,omitempty"`
	Region              *string                                      `json:"region,omitempty"`

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