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Package statistics contains auto-generated files. DO NOT MODIFY

Package statistics contains auto-generated files. DO NOT MODIFY



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type Client

type Client struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Client for managing all worker statistics See for more details

func New

func New(client *client.Client, properties ClientProperties) *Client

New creates a new instance of the statistics client

func (Client) Fetch

Fetch retrieves statistics See for more details Context is defaulted to Background. See for more information

func (Client) FetchWithContext

func (c Client) FetchWithContext(context context.Context, options *FetchStatisticsOptions) (*FetchStatisticsResponse, error)

FetchWithContext retrieves statistics See for more details

type ClientProperties

type ClientProperties struct {
	WorkspaceSid string

ClientProperties are the properties required to manage the statistics resources

type FetchActivityDuration

type FetchActivityDuration struct {
	Avg          int    `json:"avg"`
	FriendlyName string `json:"friendly_name"`
	Max          int    `json:"max"`
	Min          int    `json:"min"`
	Sid          string `json:"sid"`
	Total        int    `json:"total"`

type FetchActivityStatistic

type FetchActivityStatistic struct {
	FriendlyName string `json:"friendly_name"`
	Sid          string `json:"sid"`
	Workers      int    `json:"workers"`

type FetchCumulativeStatistics

type FetchCumulativeStatistics struct {
	ActivityDurations     []FetchActivityDuration `json:"activity_durations"`
	EndTime               time.Time               `json:"end_time"`
	ReservationsAccepted  int                     `json:"reservations_accepted"`
	ReservationsCanceled  int                     `json:"reservations_canceled"`
	ReservationsCreated   int                     `json:"reservations_created"`
	ReservationsRejected  int                     `json:"reservations_rejected"`
	ReservationsRescinded int                     `json:"reservations_rescinded"`
	ReservationsTimedOut  int                     `json:"reservations_timed_out"`
	StartTime             time.Time               `json:"start_time"`

type FetchRealTimeStatistics

type FetchRealTimeStatistics struct {
	ActivityStatistics []FetchActivityStatistic `json:"activity_statistics"`
	TotalWorkers       int                      `json:"total_workers"`

type FetchStatisticsOptions

type FetchStatisticsOptions struct {
	Minutes       *int
	StartDate     *time.Time
	EndDate       *time.Time
	TaskChannel   *string
	TaskQueueSid  *string
	TaskQueueName *string
	FriendlyName  *string

FetchStatisticsOptions defines the query options for the api operation

type FetchStatisticsResponse

type FetchStatisticsResponse struct {
	AccountSid   string                    `json:"account_sid"`
	Cumulative   FetchCumulativeStatistics `json:"cumulative"`
	RealTime     FetchRealTimeStatistics   `json:"realtime"`
	URL          string                    `json:"url"`
	WorkspaceSid string                    `json:"workspace_sid"`

FetchStatisticsResponse defines the response fields for the retrieved statistics

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