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Package orchestrator manages network node operations and database interactions



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type NetworkDetails

type NetworkDetails struct {
	NetworkID string
	PeerID    string
	SwarmPort string
	SwarmKey  string

NetworkDetails provides information about an instantiated network

type NetworkDiagnostics

type NetworkDiagnostics struct {

NetworkDiagnostics describe detailed statistics and information about a node

type NetworkStatus

type NetworkStatus struct {
	Uptime    time.Duration
	DiskUsage int64

NetworkStatus denotes high-level details about requested network, intended for consumer use

type Orchestrator

type Orchestrator struct {
	Registry *registry.NodeRegistry
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Orchestrator contains most primary application logic and manages node availability

func New

func New(logger *zap.SugaredLogger, address string, ports config.Ports, dev bool,
	c ipfs.NodeClient, networks temporal.PrivateNetworks) (*Orchestrator, error)

New instantiates and bootstraps a new Orchestrator

func (*Orchestrator) NetworkDiagnostics

func (o *Orchestrator) NetworkDiagnostics(ctx context.Context, network string) (NetworkDiagnostics, error)

NetworkDiagnostics retrieves detailed statistics and information about a node

func (*Orchestrator) NetworkDown

func (o *Orchestrator) NetworkDown(ctx context.Context, network string) error

NetworkDown brings a network offline

func (*Orchestrator) NetworkRemove

func (o *Orchestrator) NetworkRemove(ctx context.Context, network string) error

NetworkRemove removes network assets

func (*Orchestrator) NetworkStatus

func (o *Orchestrator) NetworkStatus(ctx context.Context, network string) (NetworkStatus, error)

NetworkStatus retrieves the status of the node for the given status

func (*Orchestrator) NetworkUp

func (o *Orchestrator) NetworkUp(ctx context.Context, network string) (NetworkDetails, error)

NetworkUp intializes a node for given network

func (*Orchestrator) NetworkUpdate

func (o *Orchestrator) NetworkUpdate(ctx context.Context, network string) error

NetworkUpdate updates given network's configuration from database

func (*Orchestrator) Run

func (o *Orchestrator) Run(ctx context.Context) error

Run initializes the orchestrator's background tasks. Cancelling the context will end the tasks and release the orchestrator's resources.

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