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Package middleware provides the middleware used by Temporal's APIs



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var (
	// DefaultAllowedOrigins are the default allowed origins for the api, allowing for access
	// via both of our internet uplinks when using the web interface.
	DefaultAllowedOrigins = []string{"https://temporal.cloud", "https://backup.temporal.cloud"}


func CORSMiddleware

func CORSMiddleware(devMode bool, allowedOrigins []string) gin.HandlerFunc

CORSMiddleware is used to load our CORS handling logic

func JwtConfigGenerate

func JwtConfigGenerate(jwtKey, realmName string, db *gorm.DB, l *zap.SugaredLogger) *jwt.GinJWTMiddleware

JwtConfigGenerate is used to generate our JWT configuration

func NewSecWare

func NewSecWare(devMode bool) gin.HandlerFunc

NewSecWare is used to initialize our security middleware

func RequestID

func RequestID() gin.HandlerFunc

RequestID is used to insert a randomly generated uuid as a value to a X-Request-ID header


type Login

type Login struct {
	Username string `form:"username" json:"username" binding:"required"`
	Password string `form:"password" json:"password" binding:"required"`

Login is used to unmarshal a login in request so that we can parse it

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