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var ErrNoEntriesFound = errors.New("No entries found for this key")

ErrNoEntriesFound - Indicates no entries were found for the given key (directory)


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type CoreDNS

type CoreDNS struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CoreDNS - represents dns config for coredns server.

func NewCoreDNS

func NewCoreDNS(cfg clientv3.Config, setters ...Option) (*CoreDNS, error)

NewCoreDNS - initialize a new coreDNS set/unset values.

func (*CoreDNS) Delete

func (c *CoreDNS) Delete(bucket string) error

Delete - Removes DNS entries added in Put().

func (*CoreDNS) DeleteRecord

func (c *CoreDNS) DeleteRecord(record SrvRecord) error

DeleteRecord - Removes a specific DNS entry

func (*CoreDNS) Get

func (c *CoreDNS) Get(bucket string) ([]SrvRecord, error)

Get - Retrieves DNS records for a bucket.

func (*CoreDNS) List

func (c *CoreDNS) List() (map[string][]SrvRecord, error)

List - Retrieves list of DNS entries for the domain.

func (*CoreDNS) Put

func (c *CoreDNS) Put(bucket string) error

Put - Adds DNS entries into etcd endpoint in CoreDNS etcd message format.

type Option

type Option func(*CoreDNS)

Option - functional options pattern style

func CoreDNSPath

func CoreDNSPath(prefix string) Option

CoreDNSPath - custom prefix on etcd to populate DNS service records, optional and can be empty. if empty then c.prefixPath is used i.e "/skydns"

func DomainIPs

func DomainIPs(domainIPs set.StringSet) Option

DomainIPs set a list of custom domain IPs, note this will fail if set to empty when constructor initializes.

func DomainNames

func DomainNames(domainNames []string) Option

DomainNames set a list of domain names used by this CoreDNS client setting, note this will fail if set to empty when constructor initializes.

func DomainPort

func DomainPort(domainPort string) Option

DomainPort - is a string version of server port

type SrvRecord

type SrvRecord struct {
	Host     string      `json:"host,omitempty"`
	Port     json.Number `json:"port,omitempty"`
	Priority int         `json:"priority,omitempty"`
	Weight   int         `json:"weight,omitempty"`
	Text     string      `json:"text,omitempty"`
	Mail     bool        `json:"mail,omitempty"` // Be an MX record. Priority becomes Preference.
	TTL      uint32      `json:"ttl,omitempty"`

	// Holds info about when the entry was created first.
	CreationDate time.Time `json:"creationDate"`

	// When a SRV record with a "Host: IP-address" is added, we synthesize
	// a srv.Target domain name.  Normally we convert the full Key where
	// the record lives to a DNS name and use this as the srv.Target. When
	// TargetStrip > 0 we strip the left most TargetStrip labels from the
	// DNS name.
	TargetStrip int `json:"targetstrip,omitempty"`

	// Group is used to group (or *not* to group) different services
	// together. Services with an identical Group are returned in
	// the same answer.
	Group string `json:"group,omitempty"`

	// Key carries the original key used during Put().
	Key string `json:"-"`

SrvRecord - represents a DNS service record

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