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Package console implements console printing helpers



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var (
	// DebugPrint enables/disables console debug printing.
	DebugPrint = false

	// Print prints a message.
	Print = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrint("Print", Theme["Print"], data...)

	// PrintC prints a message with color.
	PrintC = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrint("PrintC", Theme["PrintC"], data...)

	// Printf prints a formatted message.
	Printf = func(format string, data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrintf("Print", Theme["Print"], format, data...)

	// Println prints a message with a newline.
	Println = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrintln("Print", Theme["Print"], data...)

	// Fatal print a error message and exit.
	Fatal = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrint("Fatal", Theme["Fatal"], data...)

	// Fatalf print a error message with a format specified and exit.
	Fatalf = func(format string, data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrintf("Fatal", Theme["Fatal"], format, data...)

	// Fatalln print a error message with a new line and exit.
	Fatalln = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrintln("Fatal", Theme["Fatal"], data...)

	// Error prints a error message.
	Error = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrint("Error", Theme["Error"], data...)

	// Errorf print a error message with a format specified.
	Errorf = func(format string, data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrintf("Error", Theme["Error"], format, data...)

	// Errorln prints a error message with a new line.
	Errorln = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrintln("Error", Theme["Error"], data...)

	// Info prints a informational message.
	Info = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrint("Info", Theme["Info"], data...)

	// Infof prints a informational message in custom format.
	Infof = func(format string, data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrintf("Info", Theme["Info"], format, data...)

	// Infoln prints a informational message with a new line.
	Infoln = func(data ...interface{}) {
		consolePrintln("Info", Theme["Info"], data...)

	// Debug prints a debug message without a new line
	// Debug prints a debug message.
	Debug = func(data ...interface{}) {
		if DebugPrint {
			consolePrint("Debug", Theme["Debug"], data...)

	// Debugf prints a debug message with a new line.
	Debugf = func(format string, data ...interface{}) {
		if DebugPrint {
			consolePrintf("Debug", Theme["Debug"], format, data...)

	// Debugln prints a debug message with a new line.
	Debugln = func(data ...interface{}) {
		if DebugPrint {
			consolePrintln("Debug", Theme["Debug"], data...)

	// Colorize prints message in a colorized form, dictated by the corresponding tag argument.
	Colorize = func(tag string, data interface{}) string {
		if isatty.IsTerminal(os.Stdout.Fd()) {
			colorized, ok := Theme[tag]
			if ok {
				return colorized.SprintFunc()(data)
		return fmt.Sprint(data)

	// Eraseline Print in new line and adjust to top so that we don't print over the ongoing progress bar.
	Eraseline = func() {
		consolePrintf("Print", Theme["Print"], "%c[2K\n", 27)
		consolePrintf("Print", Theme["Print"], "%c[A", 27)
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var (
	// Theme contains default color mapping.
	Theme = map[string]*color.Color{
		"Debug":  color.New(color.FgWhite, color.Faint, color.Italic),
		"Fatal":  color.New(color.FgRed, color.Italic, color.Bold),
		"Error":  color.New(color.FgYellow, color.Italic),
		"Info":   color.New(color.FgGreen, color.Bold),
		"Print":  color.New(),
		"PrintB": color.New(color.FgBlue, color.Bold),
		"PrintC": color.New(color.FgGreen, color.Bold),


func Lock

func Lock()

Lock console.

func ProgramName

func ProgramName() string

ProgramName - return the name of the executable program.

func RewindLines

func RewindLines(n int)

RewindLines - uses terminal escape symbols to clear and rewind upwards on the console for `n` lines.

func SetColor

func SetColor(tag string, cl *color.Color)

SetColor sets a color for a particular tag.

func SetColorOff

func SetColorOff()

SetColorOff disables coloring for the entire session.

func SetColorOn

func SetColorOn()

SetColorOn enables coloring for the entire session.

func Unlock

func Unlock()

Unlock locked console.


type Table

type Table struct {
	// per-row colors
	RowColors []*color.Color

	// per-column align-right flag (aligns left by default)
	AlignRight []bool

	// Left margin width for table
	TableIndentWidth int

Table - data to print in table format with fixed row widths.

func NewTable

func NewTable(rowColors []*color.Color, alignRight []bool, indentWidth int) *Table

NewTable - create a new Table instance. Takes per-row colors and per-column right-align flags and table indentation width (i.e. left margin width)

func (*Table) DisplayTable

func (t *Table) DisplayTable(rows [][]string) error

DisplayTable - prints the table

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