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Package logger provides optional debug logging of the Signal library.



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func Configure

func Configure(settings string)

Configure allows arbitrary logger configuration settings. The default logger uses this method to configure what Go files are allowed to log.

func Debug

func Debug(msg ...interface{})

Debug prints debug level logs.

func Error

func Error(msg ...interface{})

Error prints error level logs.

func Info

func Info(msg ...interface{})

Info prints info level logs.

func Setup

func Setup(logger *Loggable)

Setup will configure the shared logger to use the provided logger.

func Warning

func Warning(msg ...interface{})

Warning prints warning level logs.


type Loggable

type Loggable interface {
	Debug(caller, message string)
	Info(caller, message string)
	Warning(caller, message string)
	Error(caller, message string)
	Configure(settings string)

Loggable is an interface for logging.

var Logger Loggable

Logger is a shared loggable interface that this library will use for all log messages.

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