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const BITSPERKEY = 10

used to compute the size of bloom filter bits array . too small will lead to high false positive rate.


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type Iterator

type Iterator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Iterator) First

func (it *Iterator) First() bool

func (*Iterator) Key

func (it *Iterator) Key() []byte

func (*Iterator) Last

func (it *Iterator) Last() bool

func (*Iterator) Next

func (it *Iterator) Next() bool

func (*Iterator) Prev

func (it *Iterator) Prev() bool

func (*Iterator) Release

func (it *Iterator) Release()

func (*Iterator) Seek

func (it *Iterator) Seek(key []byte) bool

func (*Iterator) Value

func (it *Iterator) Value() []byte

type LevelDBStore

type LevelDBStore struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewLevelDBStore

func NewLevelDBStore(file string) (*LevelDBStore, error)

func (*LevelDBStore) BatchCommit

func (self *LevelDBStore) BatchCommit() error

func (*LevelDBStore) BatchDelete

func (self *LevelDBStore) BatchDelete(key []byte) error

func (*LevelDBStore) BatchPut

func (self *LevelDBStore) BatchPut(key []byte, value []byte) error

func (*LevelDBStore) Close

func (self *LevelDBStore) Close() error

func (*LevelDBStore) Delete

func (self *LevelDBStore) Delete(key []byte) error

func (*LevelDBStore) Get

func (self *LevelDBStore) Get(key []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*LevelDBStore) NewBatch

func (self *LevelDBStore) NewBatch() error

func (*LevelDBStore) NewIterator

func (self *LevelDBStore) NewIterator(prefix []byte) IIterator

func (*LevelDBStore) Put

func (self *LevelDBStore) Put(key []byte, value []byte) error

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