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type Auth added in v1.2.0

type Auth struct {
	JWTEnabled    bool   `envconfig:"AUTH_JWT_ENABLED" default:"false"`      // Indicates if JWT authentication is enabled or not
	JWTSecret     string `envconfig:"AUTH_JWT_SECRET" default:"macilaci"`    // Secret of the JWT encryption
	JWTMethod     string `envconfig:"AUTH_JWT_METHOD" default:"secret"`      // Can be "secret" or "rsa", defines the decoding method
	JWTPubKeyPath string `envconfig:"AUTH_JWT_PUB_PATH" default:"./"` // Path to the public RSA key

Auth describes information regarding authentication

type Blacklist

type Blacklist struct {
	BlacklistEnabled bool          `envconfig:"BLACKLIST_ENABLED" default:"true"` // How many times a stream has to be wrong before blacklisting
	BlacklistLimit   int           `envconfig:"BLACKLIST_LIMIT" default:"25"`     // How many times a stream has to be wrong before blacklisting
	BlacklistTime    time.Duration `envconfig:"BLACKLIST_TIME" default:"1h"`      // Time period for blacklist to remove lements

Blacklist describes configuration for the blacklisting functionality

type CORS

type CORS struct {
	Enabled          bool     `envconfig:"CORS_ENABLED" default:"false"`           // Indicates if cors should be handled as configured or as default
	AllowedOrigins   []string `envconfig:"CORS_ALLOWED_ORIGINS" default:""`        // A list of origins a cross-domain request can be executed from.
	AllowCredentials bool     `envconfig:"CORS_ALLOW_CREDENTIALS" default:"false"` // Indicates whether the request can include user credentials like cookies, HTTP authentication or client side SSL certificates.
	MaxAge           int      `envconfig:"CORS_MAX_AGE" default:"0"`               // Indicates how long (in seconds) the results of a preflight request can be cached.

CORS is the ptions for cross origin handling

type EndpointSetting

type EndpointSetting struct {
	Enabled bool   `yml:"enabled"`
	Secret  string `yml:"secret"`

EndpointSetting describes how a given endpoint works in the application

type EndpointYML

type EndpointYML struct {
	Version   string `yaml:"version"`
	Endpoints struct {
		Start  EndpointSetting `yaml:"start"`
		Stop   EndpointSetting `yaml:"stop"`
		List   EndpointSetting `yaml:"list"`
		Static EndpointSetting `yaml:"static"`
	} `yaml:"endpoints"`
	Listen []ListenSetting `yaml:"listen"`

EndpointYML describes the yml structure used

type ListenSetting

type ListenSetting struct {
	Enabled bool   `yaml:"enabled"`
	Uri     string `yaml:"uri"`
	Alias   string `yaml:"alias"`

type Process added in v1.3.0

type Process struct {
	CleanupEnabled bool          `envconfig:"CLEANUP_ENABLED" default:"true"` // Option to turn of cleanup
	CleanupTime    time.Duration `envconfig:"CLEANUP_TIME" default:"2m0s"`    // Time period between process cleaning
	StoreDir       string        `envconfig:"STORE_DIR" default:"./videos"`   // Directory to store / service video chunks
	KeepFiles      bool          `envconfig:"KEEP_FILES" default:"false"`     // Option for not deleting files
	Audio          bool          `envconfig:"AUDIO_ENABLED" default:"true"`   // Option for enabling audio

Process describes information regarding the transcoding process

type ProcessLogging added in v1.4.0

type ProcessLogging struct {
	Enabled    bool   `envconfig:"PROCESS_LOGGING" default:"false"`                    // Option to set logging for transcoding processes
	Directory  string `envconfig:"PROCESS_LOGGING_DIR" default:"/var/log/rtsp-stream"` // Directory for the logs
	MaxSize    int    `envconfig:"PROCESS_LOGGING_MAX_SIZE" default:"500"`             // Maximum size of kept logging files in megabytes
	MaxBackups int    `envconfig:"PROCESS_LOGGING_MAX_BACKUPS" default:"3"`            // Maximum number of old log files to retain
	MaxAge     int    `envconfig:"PROCESS_LOGGING_MAX_AGE" default:"7"`                // Maximum number of days to retain an old log file.
	Compress   bool   `envconfig:"PROCESS_LOGGING_COMPRESS" default:"true"`            // Indicates if the log rotation should compress the log files

ProcessLogging describes information about the logging mechanism of the transcoding FFMPEG process

type Specification

type Specification struct {
	Debug bool `envconfig:"DEBUG" default:"false"` // Indicates if debug log should be enabled or not
	Port  int  `envconfig:"PORT" default:"8080"`   // Port that the application listens on


Specification describes the application context settings

func InitConfig

func InitConfig() *Specification

InitConfig is to initalise the config

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