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Package metrics provides metric support specific to the run controller.



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const (

	// WorkqueueName is the name of the run controller workqueue.
	// It is required by the metrics adapter for workqueues.
	WorkqueueName = "runctl"


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type CounterMetric

type CounterMetric interface {

CounterMetric is a monotonic counter metric.

var (
	// ControllerHeartbeats counts the number of heartbeats of
	// the run controller.
	ControllerHeartbeats CounterMetric = &controllerHeartbeats{}
var (
	// PipelineRunsStarted counts the pipeline runs that have been started.
	PipelineRunsStarted CounterMetric = &pipelineRunsStarted{}

type PipelineRunsMetric

type PipelineRunsMetric interface {
	Observe(pipelineRun *stewardapi.PipelineRun)

PipelineRunsMetric observes pipeline runs.

var (
	// PipelineRunsPeriodic is a metric that observes all existing pipeline runs
	// periodically.
	PipelineRunsPeriodic PipelineRunsMetric = &pipelineRunsPeriodic{}

type ResultsMetric

type ResultsMetric interface {
	Observe(result stewardapi.Result)

ResultsMetric observes the result of a finished pipeline run.

var (
	// PipelineRunsResult counts the number of pipeline runs by result type.
	PipelineRunsResult ResultsMetric = &pipelineRunsResult{}

type SettableGaugeMetric

type SettableGaugeMetric interface {

SettableGaugeMetric is a numeric metric that can be set to a value.

type StateItemsMetric

type StateItemsMetric interface {
	Observe(state *stewardapi.StateItem)

StateItemsMetric observes a StateItem

var (
	// PipelineRunsStateFinished is a metric that observes the state
	// of pipeline runs that has just been finished.
	PipelineRunsStateFinished StateItemsMetric = &pipelineRunsStateFinished{}

type UpdatesLatencyMetric

type UpdatesLatencyMetric interface {
	Observe(typ string, duration time.Duration)

UpdatesLatencyMetric is the interface of UpdatesLatency

var (
	// UpdatesLatency is a metric that observes the duration of updates
	// partitioned by a "type".
	UpdatesLatency UpdatesLatencyMetric = &updatesLatency{}


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Package testing is a generated GoMock package.
Package testing is a generated GoMock package.

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