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Terraform Provider - G Suite


This provider plugin is maintained by Chase Sillevis.


  • Terraform 0.11.x
  • Go 1.14 (to build the provider plugin)

Installing the Provider

  1. Download the latest compiled binary from GitHub releases.

  2. Unzip/untar the archive.

  3. Move it into $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins:

    $ mkdir -p $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins
    $ mv terraform-provider-gsuite $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins/terraform-provider-gsuite
  4. Create your Terraform configurations as normal, and run terraform init:

    $ terraform init

    This will find the plugin locally.

Building The Provider

  1. cd into $HOME/.terraform.d/plugins/terraform-provider-gsuite

  2. Run make vendor to fetch the go vendor files

  3. Make your changes

  4. Run make dev and in your terraform directory, remove the current .terraform and re-run terraform init

  5. Next time you run terraform plan it'll use your updated version


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