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func DisableSecOpt

func DisableSecOpt() []string

DisableSecOpt returns a security opt that can disable labeling support for future container processes

func DupSecOpt

func DupSecOpt(src string) []string

DupSecOpt takes an process label and returns security options that can be used to set duplicate labels on future container processes

func FormatMountLabel

func FormatMountLabel(src string, mountLabel string) string

func GenLabels

func GenLabels(options string) (string, string, error)

func GetPidLabel

func GetPidLabel(pid int) (string, error)

func Init

func Init()

func InitLabels

func InitLabels(options []string) (string, string, error)

InitLabels returns the process label and file labels to be used within the container. A list of options can be passed into this function to alter the labels.

func Relabel

func Relabel(path string, fileLabel string, relabel string) error

func ReserveLabel

func ReserveLabel(label string) error

func SetFileCreateLabel

func SetFileCreateLabel(fileLabel string) error

func SetFileLabel

func SetFileLabel(path string, fileLabel string) error

func SetProcessLabel

func SetProcessLabel(processLabel string) error

func UnreserveLabel

func UnreserveLabel(label string) error


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