Rafter Integration Tests


The project is a test scenario for all Rafter subcomponents, such as controllers and the Upload Service.


Use the following tools to set up the project:


Run a local version

To run integration tests, follow these instructions:

  1. Install Kyma.

  2. Build the test image directly on the Docker engine of the Minikube node without pushing it to a registry. Run:

    eval $(minikube docker-env)
    make build-image

    Alternatively, build the image and push it to a registry, such as Docker Hub.

  3. Edit the TestDefinition CR and update its .spec.template.spec.containers[0].image field to rafter-test:latest using this command:

    k edit -n kyma-system rafter
  4. Run the integration test. The command creates a test suite with a name in a form of test-{ID}. Run:

    kyma test run rafter
  5. Get the test result using this command:

    k logs -n kyma-system oct-tp-test-{ID}-rafter-0 tests
Build a production version

To build the production Docker image, run this command:

make build-image
Environmental variables

Use the following environment variables to configure the application:

Name Required Default Description
APP_KUBECONFIG_PATH No None The path to the kubeconfig file, needed for running an application outside of the cluster. If not supplied in-cluster config will be used
APP_TEST_WAIT_TIMEOUT No 3m The period of time for which the application waits for the resources to meet defined conditions
APP_TEST_NAMESPACE No rafter-test The name of the Namespace created and deleted during integration tests
APP_TEST_CLUSTER_BUCKET_NAME No test-cluster-bucket The ClusterBucket resource name
APP_TEST_BUCKET_NAME No test-bucket The Bucket resource name
APP_TEST_ASSET_GROUP_NAME No test-asset-group The AssetGroup resource name
APP_TEST_CLUSTER_ASSET_GROUP_NAME No test-cluster-asset-group The ClusterAssetGroup resource name
APP_TEST_COMMON_ASSET_PREFIX No test The name of the prefix for the Asset and ClusterAsset resources
APP_TEST_MOCKICE_NAME No rafter-test-svc The name of the pod, service, and configmap used by the test service

Those can be supplied to this file before installing Kyma, or by editing TestDefinition CR with already installed Kyma using this command:

k edit -n kyma-system rafter


Install dependencies

This project uses dep as a dependency manager. To install all required dependencies, use the following command:

dep ensure -vendor-only
Verify the code

To check if the code is correct and you can push it, run the script. It builds the application, runs tests, and checks the status of the vendored libraries. It also runs the static code analysis and ensures that the formatting of the code is correct.

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