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func HandlePanic

func HandlePanic(name string, err *error)

HandlePanic helper method to handle panics

func URLStringToFilePath

func URLStringToFilePath(fileURL string) (string, bool)

URLStringToFilePath convert fileURL to file path


type Generator

type Generator struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Generator represents a UUID generator that generates UUIDs in sequence from a random starting point.

func NewGenerator

func NewGenerator() (*Generator, error)

NewGenerator returns a new Generator. It can fail if the crypto/rand read fails.

func (*Generator) Next

func (g *Generator) Next() [24]byte

Next returns the next UUID from the generator. Only the first 8 bytes can differ from the previous UUID, so taking a slice of the first 16 bytes is sufficient to provide a somewhat less secure 128 bit UUID.

It is OK to call this method concurrently.

func (*Generator) NextAsString

func (g *Generator) NextAsString() string

NextAsString returns the next UUID from the generator as a string.

type Service

type Service interface {

	Name() string
	Enabled() bool

Service is an interface for defining/managing a service

type ServiceConfig

type ServiceConfig struct {
	Name     string            `json:"name"`
	Enabled  bool              `json:"enabled"`
	Settings map[string]string `json:"settings,omitempty"`

ServiceConfig is a simple service configuration object

type ServiceManager

type ServiceManager struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ServiceManager is a simple service manager

func GetDefaultServiceManager

func GetDefaultServiceManager() *ServiceManager

func NewServiceManager

func NewServiceManager() *ServiceManager

NewServiceManager creates a new ServiceManager

func (*ServiceManager) GetService

func (sm *ServiceManager) GetService(name string) Service

GetService gets specified Service

func (*ServiceManager) RegisterService

func (sm *ServiceManager) RegisterService(service Service) error

RegisterService registers the specified service

func (*ServiceManager) Services

func (sm *ServiceManager) Services() []Service

Services gets all the registered Service Services

func (*ServiceManager) Start

func (sm *ServiceManager) Start() error

Start implements util.Managed.Start()

func (*ServiceManager) Stop

func (sm *ServiceManager) Stop() error

Stop implements util.Managed.Stop()

type SyncQueue

type SyncQueue struct {
	List *list.List
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

SyncQueue is a List backed queue

func NewSyncQueue

func NewSyncQueue() *SyncQueue

NewSyncQueue creates a new SyncQueue

func (*SyncQueue) IsEmpty

func (sq *SyncQueue) IsEmpty() bool

IsEmpty indicates if the queue is empty

func (*SyncQueue) Pop

func (sq *SyncQueue) Pop() (interface{}, bool)

Pop pop item off of queue

func (*SyncQueue) Push

func (sq *SyncQueue) Push(item interface{})

Push push item on to queue

func (*SyncQueue) Size

func (sq *SyncQueue) Size() int

Size get the size of the queue


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