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const (
	// BCS_BKCMDB_SYNC_DIR zk path for synchronizer
	BCS_BKCMDB_SYNC_DIR = "/bcs/services/bkcmdb-synchronizer"
	// BCS_BKCMDB_SYNC_DIR_CLUSTER cluster dir for synchronizer
	// BCS_BKCMDB_SYNC_DIR_WORKER synchronizer worker instance dir

	// BCS_BKCMDB_DEFAULT_SET_NAME bcs default set name in bk cmdb
	// BCS_BKCMDB_DEFAULT_MODLUE_NAME bcs default module name in bk cmdb

	// BCS_BKCMDB_ANNOTATIONS_SET_KEY key of bcs annotations for bk cmdb
	// BCS_BKCMDB_ANNOTATIONS_MODULE_KEY key of bcs annotations for bk cmdb
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const (
	// ClusterTypeK8S k8s type cluster
	ClusterTypeK8S = "k8s"
	// ClusterTypeMesos mesos type cluster
	ClusterTypeMesos = "mesos"

	// K8SNetworkTypeCni network type for k8s
	K8SNetworkTypeCni = "cni"
	// K8SNetworkModeCni network mode for k8s
	K8SNetworkModeCni = "cni"
	// K8SNetworkModeHost network mode for host
	K8SNetworkModeHost = "host"

	// MesosNetworkModeBridge bridge mode for mesos network
	MesosNetworkModeBridge = "bridge"
	// MesosNetworkModeHost host mode for mesos network
	MesosNetworkModeHost = "host"
	// MesosNetworkTypeCnm cnm network
	MesosNetworkTypeCnm = "cnm"
	// MesosNetworkTypeCni cni network
	MesosNetworkTypeCni = "cni"
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const (
	ResourceTypeTaskgroup = "taskgroup"
	ResourceTypePod       = "Pod"


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func GetDiffPods

func GetDiffPods(oldPodMap map[string]*Pod, newPodMap map[string]*Pod) (adds []*Pod, updates []*Pod, deletes []*Pod)

GetDiffPods get different pods between two pods maps

func GetResTypeByClusterType

func GetResTypeByClusterType(clusterType string) string

GetResTypeByClusterType get resource type by cluster type


type Annotations

type Annotations map[string]string

Annotations pod annotations

type Cluster

type Cluster struct {
	ProjectID       string `json:"projectid"`
	ClusterID       string `json:"clusterid"`
	BizID           int64  `json:"bk_biz_id"`
	DefaultModuleID int64  `json:"bk_module_id"`

Cluster struct for cluster

type ContainerData

type ContainerData struct {
	Data   []string `json:"containers"`
	Status []string `json:"containerStatuses"`

ContainerData container data

type EventType

type EventType int32
const (
	Nop EventType = iota
	Brk EventType = -1

type K8SContainer

type K8SContainer struct {
	Name      string                         `json:"name"`
	Image     string                         `json:"image"`
	Ports     []K8SContainerPort             `json:"ports,omitempty"`
	Resources k8scorev1.ResourceRequirements `json:"resources,omitempty"`

K8SContainer simplified data for k8s container

type K8SContainerPort

type K8SContainerPort struct {
	Name          string `json:"name"`
	HostPort      int32  `json:"hostPort"`
	ContainerPort int32  `json:"containerPort"`
	Protocol      string `json:"protocol"`
	HostIP        string `json:"hostIP"`

K8SContainerPort simplified for k8s container port

type K8SContainerStatus

type K8SContainerStatus struct {
	Name         string `json:"name"`
	Ready        bool   `json:"ready"`
	RestartCount int32  `json:"restartCount"`
	ContainerID  string `json:"containerID"`

K8SContainerStatus simplified data of container status

type K8SPod

type K8SPod struct {
	ID                   string `json:"id"`
	k8smetav1.ObjectMeta `json:"metadata"`
	Spec                 K8SPodSpec   `json:"spec"`
	Status               K8SPodStatus `json:"status"`

K8SPod k8s pod in storage

func (*K8SPod) GetCreationTimestamp

func (kp *K8SPod) GetCreationTimestamp() time.Time

GetCreationTimestamp get creation timestamp

func (*K8SPod) SetCreationTimestamp

func (kp *K8SPod) SetCreationTimestamp(t time.Time)

SetCreationTimestamp set creation timestamp

type K8SPodSpec

type K8SPodSpec struct {
	Containers   []K8SContainer      `json:"containers,omitempty"`
	DNSPolicy    k8scorev1.DNSPolicy `json:"dnsPolicy,omitempty"`
	NodeSelector map[string]string   `json:"nodeSelector"`
	NodeName     string              `json:"nodeName"`
	HostNetwork  bool                `json:"hostNetwork"`
	Hostname     string              `json:"hostname"`

K8SPodSpec simplified data of k8s pod spec

type K8SPodStatus

type K8SPodStatus struct {
	Phase             string               `json:"phase"`
	Reason            string               `json:"reason"`
	HostIP            string               `json:"hostIP"`
	PodIP             string               `json:"podIP"`
	StartTime         *k8smetav1.Time      `json:"startTime"`
	ContainerStatuses []K8SContainerStatus `json:"containerStatuses"`

K8SPodStatus simplified data of k8s pod status

type Labels

type Labels map[string]string

Labels pod labels

type ListStorageResourceResult

type ListStorageResourceResult struct {
	Code    int64              `json:"code"`
	Data    []*StorageResource `json:"data"`
	Message string             `json:"message"`
	Result  bool               `json:"result"`

ListStorageResourceResult result for list storage resource

type MesosContainerPort

type MesosContainerPort struct {
	Name          string `json:"name"`
	HostPort      int    `json:"hostPort"`
	ContainerPort int    `json:"containerPort"`
	HostIP        string `json:"hostIP"`
	Protocol      string `json:"protocol"`

MesosContainerPort simplied data of mesos container por

type MesosContainerStatus

type MesosContainerStatus struct {
	Name        string               `json:"name"`
	ContainerID string               `json:"containerID"`
	Status      string               `json:"status"`
	LastStatus  string               `json:"lastStatus"`
	Image       string               `json:"image"`
	Ports       []MesosContainerPort `json:"containerPort"`

MesosContainerStatus simplied data of mesos container stats

type Pod

type Pod struct {
	BizID          int64  `json:"bk_biz_id" mapstructure:"bk_biz_id"`
	ModuleID       int64  `json:"bk_module_id" mapstructure:"bk_module_id"`
	CloudID        int64  `json:"bk_cloud_id" mapstructure:"bk_cloud_id"`
	HostInnerIP    string `json:"bk_host_innerip" mapstructure:"bk_host_innerip"`
	PodName        string `json:"bk_pod_name" mapstructure:"bk_pod_name"`
	PodNamespace   string `json:"bk_pod_namespace" mapstructure:"bk_pod_namespace"`
	PodCluster     string `json:"bk_pod_cluster" mapstructure:"bk_pod_cluster"`
	PodClusterType string `json:"bk_pod_clustertype" mapstructure:"bk_pod_clustertype"`
	PodUUID        string `json:"bk_pod_uuid" mapstructure:"bk_pod_uuid"`
	WorkloadType   string `json:"bk_pod_workloadtype" mapstructure:"bk_pod_workloadtype"`
	WorkloadName   string `json:"bk_pod_workloadname" mapstructure:"bk_pod_workloadname"`
	PodLabels      string `json:"bk_pod_labels" mapstructure:"bk_pod_labels"`
	PodAnnotations string `json:"bk_pod_annotations" mapstructure:"bk_pod_annotations"`
	PodIP          string `json:"bk_pod_ip" mapstructure:"bk_pod_ip"`
	PodNetworkMode string `json:"bk_pod_networkmode" mapstructure:"bk_pod_networkmode"`
	PodNetworkType string `json:"bk_pod_networktype" mapstructure:"bk_pod_networktype"`
	PodContainers  string `json:"bk_pod_containers" mapstructure:"bk_pod_containers"`
	PodVolumes     string `json:"bk_pod_volumes" mapstructure:"bk_pod_volumes"`
	PodStatus      string `json:"bk_pod_status" mapstructure:"bk_pod_status"`
	PodCreateTime  string `json:"bk_pod_create_time" mapstructure:"bk_pod_create_time"`
	PodStartTime   string `json:"bk_pod_start_time" mapstructure:"bk_pod_start_time"`

Pod struct for both mesos taskgroup and k8s pod

func ConvertK8SPod

func ConvertK8SPod(cluster string, kPod *K8SPod) (*Pod, error)

ConvertK8SPod convert k8s pod to bk cmdb pod

func ConvertMesosPod

func ConvertMesosPod(mesosPod *commtypes.BcsPodStatus) (*Pod, error)

ConvertMesosPod convert mesos pod to bk cmdb pod

func (*Pod) GetUpdatedField

func (p *Pod) GetUpdatedField(updated *Pod) (bool, map[string]interface{})

GetUpdatedField get updated field

func (*Pod) MetadataString

func (p *Pod) MetadataString() string

MetadataString string for metadata

func (*Pod) ToMapInterface

func (p *Pod) ToMapInterface() map[string]interface{}

ToMapInterface to format map[string]interface{}

type PodUpdateInfo

type PodUpdateInfo struct {
	Condition map[string]interface{}
	Data      map[string]interface{}

PodUpdateInfo info to update a pod

type StorageEvent

type StorageEvent struct {
	Type  EventType        `json:"type"`
	Value *StorageResource `json:"value"`

StorageEvent event for storage

type StorageResource

type StorageResource struct {
	ID           string          `json:"_id"`
	ClusterID    string          `json:"clusterId"`
	CreateTime   string          `json:"createTime"`
	UpdateTime   string          `json:"updateTime"`
	Data         json.RawMessage `json:"data"`
	Namespace    string          `json:"namespace"`
	ResourceType string          `json:"resourceType"`
	ResourceName string          `json:"resourceName"`

StorageResource storage resource

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