Packege pubsub implements publisher-subscribers model used in multi-channel streaming.



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    type Queue

    type Queue struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      One publisher and multiple subscribers thread-safe packet buffer queue.

      func NewQueue

      func NewQueue() *Queue

      func (*Queue) Close

      func (self *Queue) Close() (err error)

        After Close() called, all QueueCursor's ReadPacket will return io.EOF.

        func (*Queue) DelayedGopCount

        func (self *Queue) DelayedGopCount(n int) *QueueCursor

          Create cursor position at specific delayed GOP count in buffered packets.

          func (*Queue) DelayedTime

          func (self *Queue) DelayedTime(dur time.Duration) *QueueCursor

            Create cursor position at specific time in buffered packets.

            func (*Queue) Latest

            func (self *Queue) Latest() *QueueCursor

              Create cursor position at latest packet.

              func (*Queue) Oldest

              func (self *Queue) Oldest() *QueueCursor

                Create cursor position at oldest buffered packet.

                func (*Queue) SetMaxGopCount

                func (self *Queue) SetMaxGopCount(n int)

                func (*Queue) WriteHeader

                func (self *Queue) WriteHeader(streams []av.CodecData) error

                func (*Queue) WritePacket

                func (self *Queue) WritePacket(pkt av.Packet) (err error)

                  Put packet into buffer, old packets will be discared.

                  func (*Queue) WriteTrailer

                  func (self *Queue) WriteTrailer() error

                  type QueueCursor

                  type QueueCursor struct {
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                  func (*QueueCursor) ReadPacket

                  func (self *QueueCursor) ReadPacket() (pkt av.Packet, err error)

                    ReadPacket will not consume packets in Queue, it's just a cursor.

                    func (*QueueCursor) Streams

                    func (self *QueueCursor) Streams() (streams []av.CodecData, err error)

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