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const (
	AOT_AAC_MAIN        = 1 + iota  ///< Y                       Main
	AOT_AAC_LC                      ///< Y                       Low Complexity
	AOT_AAC_SSR                     ///< N (code in SoC repo)    Scalable Sample Rate
	AOT_AAC_LTP                     ///< Y                       Long Term Prediction
	AOT_SBR                         ///< Y                       Spectral Band Replication
	AOT_AAC_SCALABLE                ///< N                       Scalable
	AOT_TWINVQ                      ///< N                       Twin Vector Quantizer
	AOT_CELP                        ///< N                       Code Excited Linear Prediction
	AOT_HVXC                        ///< N                       Harmonic Vector eXcitation Coding
	AOT_TTSI            = 12 + iota ///< N                       Text-To-Speech Interface
	AOT_MAINSYNTH                   ///< N                       Main Synthesis
	AOT_WAVESYNTH                   ///< N                       Wavetable Synthesis
	AOT_MIDI                        ///< N                       General MIDI
	AOT_SAFX                        ///< N                       Algorithmic Synthesis and Audio Effects
	AOT_ER_AAC_LC                   ///< N                       Error Resilient Low Complexity
	AOT_ER_AAC_LTP      = 19 + iota ///< N                       Error Resilient Long Term Prediction
	AOT_ER_AAC_SCALABLE             ///< N                       Error Resilient Scalable
	AOT_ER_TWINVQ                   ///< N                       Error Resilient Twin Vector Quantizer
	AOT_ER_BSAC                     ///< N                       Error Resilient Bit-Sliced Arithmetic Coding
	AOT_ER_AAC_LD                   ///< N                       Error Resilient Low Delay
	AOT_ER_CELP                     ///< N                       Error Resilient Code Excited Linear Prediction
	AOT_ER_HVXC                     ///< N                       Error Resilient Harmonic Vector eXcitation Coding
	AOT_ER_HILN                     ///< N                       Error Resilient Harmonic and Individual Lines plus Noise
	AOT_ER_PARAM                    ///< N                       Error Resilient Parametric
	AOT_SSC                         ///< N                       SinuSoidal Coding
	AOT_PS                          ///< N                       Parametric Stereo
	AOT_SURROUND                    ///< N                       MPEG Surround
	AOT_ESCAPE                      ///< Y                       Escape Value
	AOT_L1                          ///< Y                       Layer 1
	AOT_L2                          ///< Y                       Layer 2
	AOT_L3                          ///< Y                       Layer 3
	AOT_DST                         ///< N                       Direct Stream Transfer
	AOT_ALS                         ///< Y                       Audio LosslesS
	AOT_SLS                         ///< N                       Scalable LosslesS
	AOT_SLS_NON_CORE                ///< N                       Scalable LosslesS (non core)
	AOT_ER_AAC_ELD                  ///< N                       Error Resilient Enhanced Low Delay
	AOT_SMR_SIMPLE                  ///< N                       Symbolic Music Representation Simple
	AOT_SMR_MAIN                    ///< N                       Symbolic Music Representation Main
	AOT_USAC_NOSBR                  ///< N                       Unified Speech and Audio Coding (no SBR)
	AOT_SAOC                        ///< N                       Spatial Audio Object Coding
	AOT_LD_SURROUND                 ///< N                       Low Delay MPEG Surround
	AOT_USAC                        ///< N                       Unified Speech and Audio Coding

    copied from libavcodec/mpeg4audio.h

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    const ADTSHeaderLength = 7


    This section is empty.


    func FillADTSHeader

    func FillADTSHeader(header []byte, config MPEG4AudioConfig, samples int, payloadLength int)

    func WriteMPEG4AudioConfig

    func WriteMPEG4AudioConfig(w io.Writer, config MPEG4AudioConfig) (err error)


    type CodecData

    type CodecData struct {
    	ConfigBytes []byte
    	Config      MPEG4AudioConfig

    func NewCodecDataFromMPEG4AudioConfig

    func NewCodecDataFromMPEG4AudioConfig(config MPEG4AudioConfig) (self CodecData, err error)

    func NewCodecDataFromMPEG4AudioConfigBytes

    func NewCodecDataFromMPEG4AudioConfigBytes(config []byte) (self CodecData, err error)

    func (CodecData) ChannelLayout

    func (self CodecData) ChannelLayout() av.ChannelLayout

    func (CodecData) MPEG4AudioConfigBytes

    func (self CodecData) MPEG4AudioConfigBytes() []byte

    func (CodecData) PacketDuration

    func (self CodecData) PacketDuration(data []byte) (dur time.Duration, err error)

    func (CodecData) SampleFormat

    func (self CodecData) SampleFormat() av.SampleFormat

    func (CodecData) SampleRate

    func (self CodecData) SampleRate() int

    func (CodecData) Type

    func (self CodecData) Type() av.CodecType

    type MPEG4AudioConfig

    type MPEG4AudioConfig struct {
    	SampleRate      int
    	ChannelLayout   av.ChannelLayout
    	ObjectType      uint
    	SampleRateIndex uint
    	ChannelConfig   uint

    func ParseADTSHeader

    func ParseADTSHeader(frame []byte) (config MPEG4AudioConfig, hdrlen int, framelen int, samples int, err error)

    func ParseMPEG4AudioConfigBytes

    func ParseMPEG4AudioConfigBytes(data []byte) (config MPEG4AudioConfig, err error)

    func (*MPEG4AudioConfig) Complete

    func (self *MPEG4AudioConfig) Complete()

    func (MPEG4AudioConfig) IsValid

    func (self MPEG4AudioConfig) IsValid() bool

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