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package purekit

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Published: Apr 1, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:



const (
	NmsPrefix       = "NM"
	BuppkPrefix     = "BU"
	SecretKeyPrefix = "SK"
	PublicKeyPrefix = "PK"
const (
	DefaultGrantTTL = time.Hour
const DerivedSecretLength = 44
const NonrotatableMasterSecretLength = 32
const RecoverPwdAlias = "RECOVERY_PASSWORD"


var (
	ErrInvalidPassword = errors.New("invalid password")
	ErrNoAccess        = errors.New("no access")
	ErrGrantKeyExpired = errors.New("grant key expired")

ErrInvalidPassword is returned when protocol determines validation failure

type AuthResult

type AuthResult struct {
	Grant          *models.PureGrant
	EncryptedGrant string

type Context

type Context struct {
	Crypto              *crypto.Crypto
	Version             uint32
	UpdateToken         *Credentials
	PublicKey           *Credentials
	SecretKey           *Credentials
	Buppk               crypto.PublicKey
	Storage             storage.PureStorage
	PheClient           *clients.PheClient
	KmsClient           *clients.KmsClient
	NonRotatableSecrets *NonRotatableSecrets
	ExternalPublicKeys  map[string][]crypto.PublicKey
	AppToken            string

Context holds & validates protocol input parameters

func CreateCloudContext

func CreateCloudContext(at, nm, bu, sk, pk string,
	externalPublicKeys map[string][]string,
	kmsServiceAddress string) (*Context, error)

func CreateContext

func CreateContext(c *crypto.Crypto,
	at, nm, bu, sk, pk string,
	pureStorage storage.PureStorage,
	externalPublicKeys map[string][]string,
	pheServerAddress, kmsServerAddress string) (*Context, error)

CreateContext validates input parameters and prepares them for being used in Protocol

func CreateDefaultCloudContext

func CreateDefaultCloudContext(at, nm, bu, sk, pk string,
	externalPublicKeys map[string][]string) (*Context, error)

func (*Context) SetUpdateToken

func (c *Context) SetUpdateToken(updateToken string) error

type Credentials

type Credentials struct {
	Payload1, Payload2, Payload3 []byte
	Version                      uint32

func ParseCredentials

func ParseCredentials(prefix, creds string, versioned bool, numPayloads int) (*Credentials, error)

type DeserializedEncryptedGrant

type DeserializedEncryptedGrant struct {
	EncryptedGrant       *protos.EncryptedGrant
	EncryptedGrantHeader *protos.EncryptedGrantHeader

type KmsEncryptedData

type KmsEncryptedData struct {
	Wrap, Blob []byte

type KmsManager

type KmsManager struct {
	CurrentVersion     uint32
	PureCrypto         *PureCrypto
	PwdCurrentClient   *phe.UokmsClient
	PwdPreviousClient  *phe.UokmsClient
	GrantCurrentClient *phe.UokmsClient

	HTTPKmsClient    *clients.KmsClient
	PwdKmsRotation   *phe.UokmsWrapRotation
	GrantKmsRotation *phe.UokmsWrapRotation
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewKmsManager

func NewKmsManager(context *Context) (*KmsManager, error)

func (*KmsManager) GenerateGrantKeyEncryptionData

func (k *KmsManager) GenerateGrantKeyEncryptionData(grantKey, header []byte) (*KmsEncryptedData, error)

func (*KmsManager) GeneratePwdRecoveryData

func (k *KmsManager) GeneratePwdRecoveryData(passwordHash []byte) (*KmsEncryptedData, error)

func (*KmsManager) GetGrantClient

func (k *KmsManager) GetGrantClient(kmsVersion uint32) (*phe.UokmsClient, error)

func (*KmsManager) GetPwdClient

func (k *KmsManager) GetPwdClient(kmsVersion uint32) (*phe.UokmsClient, error)

func (*KmsManager) PerformGrantRotation

func (k *KmsManager) PerformGrantRotation(wrap []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*KmsManager) PerformPwdRotation

func (k *KmsManager) PerformPwdRotation(wrap []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*KmsManager) RecoverGrant

func (k *KmsManager) RecoverGrant(grant *models.GrantKey, header []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*KmsManager) RecoverGrantKey

func (k *KmsManager) RecoverGrantKey(grantKey *models.GrantKey, header []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*KmsManager) RecoverGrantKeySecret

func (k *KmsManager) RecoverGrantKeySecret(grantKey *models.GrantKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*KmsManager) RecoverPwd

func (k *KmsManager) RecoverPwd(record *models.UserRecord) ([]byte, error)

func (*KmsManager) RecoverPwdSecret

func (k *KmsManager) RecoverPwdSecret(record *models.UserRecord) ([]byte, error)

type NonRotatableSecrets

type NonRotatableSecrets struct {
	Vksp, Oksp crypto.PrivateKey

func GenerateNonRotatableSecrets

func GenerateNonRotatableSecrets(c *crypto.Crypto, masterSecret []byte) (*NonRotatableSecrets, error)

type PheManager

type PheManager struct {
	Crypto         *crypto.Crypto
	CurrentVersion uint32
	UpdateToken    []byte
	CurrentClient  *phe.PheClient
	PreviousClient *phe.PheClient
	HttpClient     *clients.PheClient

func NewPheManager

func NewPheManager(context *Context) (*PheManager, error)

func (*PheManager) ComputePheKey

func (p *PheManager) ComputePheKey(record *models.UserRecord, passwordHash []byte) (key []byte, err error)

func (*PheManager) GetEnrollment

func (p *PheManager) GetEnrollment(passwordHash []byte) (record, key []byte, err error)

func (*PheManager) GetPheClient

func (p *PheManager) GetPheClient(pheVersion uint32) (*phe.PheClient, error)

func (*PheManager) PerformRotation

func (p *PheManager) PerformRotation(record []byte) ([]byte, error)

type Pure

type Pure struct {
	CurrentVersion     uint32
	PureCrypto         *PureCrypto
	Storage            storage.PureStorage
	Buppk              crypto.PublicKey
	Oskp               crypto.PrivateKey
	ExternalPublicKeys map[string][]crypto.PublicKey
	PheManager         *PheManager
	KmsManager         *KmsManager

func NewPure

func NewPure(context *Context) (*Pure, error)

func (*Pure) AssignRole

func (p *Pure) AssignRole(roleName string, publicKeyID []byte, rskData []byte, userIds ...string) error

func (*Pure) AssignRoleWithGrant

func (p *Pure) AssignRoleWithGrant(roleName string, grant *models.PureGrant, userIds ...string) error

func (*Pure) AuthenticateUser

func (p *Pure) AuthenticateUser(userID, password string, sessionParams *SessionParameters) (*AuthResult, error)

func (*Pure) ChangeUserPassword

func (p *Pure) ChangeUserPassword(userID, oldPassword, newPassword string) error

func (*Pure) ChangeUserPasswordWithGrant

func (p *Pure) ChangeUserPasswordWithGrant(grant *models.PureGrant, newPassword string) error

func (*Pure) CreateRole

func (p *Pure) CreateRole(roleName string, userIds ...string) error

func (*Pure) CreateUserGrantAsAdmin

func (p *Pure) CreateUserGrantAsAdmin(userID string, bupsk crypto.PrivateKey, ttl time.Duration) (*models.PureGrant, error)

func (*Pure) Decrypt

func (p *Pure) Decrypt(grant *models.PureGrant, ownerUserID, dataID string, ciphertext []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*Pure) DecryptGrantFromUser

func (p *Pure) DecryptGrantFromUser(encryptedGrant string) (*models.PureGrant, error)

func (*Pure) DecryptWithKey

func (p *Pure) DecryptWithKey(privateKey crypto.PrivateKey, ownerUserID, dataID string, ciphertext []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*Pure) DeleteKey

func (p *Pure) DeleteKey(userID, dataID string) error

func (*Pure) DeleteUser

func (p *Pure) DeleteUser(userID string, cascade bool) error

func (*Pure) Encrypt

func (p *Pure) Encrypt(userID, dataID string, plaintext []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*Pure) EncryptGeneral

func (p *Pure) EncryptGeneral(
	userID, dataID string,
	otherUserIDs []string,
	roleNames []string,
	publicKeys []crypto.PublicKey,
	plainText []byte) ([]byte, error)

nolint: golint,gocyclo,gocritic

func (*Pure) InvalidateEncryptedUserGrant

func (p *Pure) InvalidateEncryptedUserGrant(encryptedGrant string) error

func (*Pure) PerformRotation

func (p *Pure) PerformRotation() (*RotationResults, error)

func (*Pure) RecoverUser

func (p *Pure) RecoverUser(userID, newPassword string) error

func (*Pure) RegisterUser

func (p *Pure) RegisterUser(userID, password string) error

func (*Pure) ResetUser

func (p *Pure) ResetUser(userID, newPassword string, cascade bool) error

func (*Pure) Share

func (p *Pure) Share(grant *models.PureGrant, dataID string, otherUserIds []string, publicKeys []crypto.PublicKey) error

func (*Pure) ShareToRole

func (p *Pure) ShareToRole(grant *models.PureGrant, dataID string, roleName string) error

func (*Pure) ShareToRoles

func (p *Pure) ShareToRoles(grant *models.PureGrant, dataID string, roleNames []string) error

func (*Pure) UnassignRole

func (p *Pure) UnassignRole(roleName string, userIds ...string) error

func (*Pure) Unshare

func (p *Pure) Unshare(ownerUserID, dataID string, otherUserIDs []string, publicKeys []crypto.PublicKey) error

type PureCrypto

type PureCrypto struct {
	Crypto *crypto.Crypto
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewPureCrypto

func NewPureCrypto(crypto *crypto.Crypto) *PureCrypto

func (*PureCrypto) AddRecipientsToCellKey

func (p *PureCrypto) AddRecipientsToCellKey(cms []byte, privateKey crypto.PrivateKey, publicKeys []crypto.PublicKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) ComputePasswordHash

func (p *PureCrypto) ComputePasswordHash(password string) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) ComputeSymmetricKeyId

func (p *PureCrypto) ComputeSymmetricKeyId(key []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) DecryptBackup

func (p *PureCrypto) DecryptBackup(data []byte, decryptKey crypto.PrivateKey, verifyKey crypto.PublicKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) DecryptCellKey

func (p *PureCrypto) DecryptCellKey(data *PureCryptoData, privateKey crypto.PrivateKey, verifyingKey crypto.PublicKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) DecryptData

func (p *PureCrypto) DecryptData(data []byte, decryptionKey crypto.PrivateKey, verificationKey crypto.PublicKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) DecryptRolePrivateKey

func (p *PureCrypto) DecryptRolePrivateKey(data []byte, decryptKey crypto.PrivateKey, verifyKey crypto.PublicKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) DecryptSymmetricWithNewNonce

func (p *PureCrypto) DecryptSymmetricWithNewNonce(ciphertext, ad, key []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) DecryptSymmetricWithOneTimeKey

func (p *PureCrypto) DecryptSymmetricWithOneTimeKey(ciphertext, ad, key []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) DeleteRecipientsFromCellKey

func (p *PureCrypto) DeleteRecipientsFromCellKey(cms []byte, publicKeys []crypto.PublicKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) EncryptCellKey

func (p *PureCrypto) EncryptCellKey(
	plaintext []byte,
	recipients []crypto.PublicKey,
	signingKey crypto.PrivateKey) (*PureCryptoData, error)

func (*PureCrypto) EncryptData

func (p *PureCrypto) EncryptData(data []byte, signingKey crypto.PrivateKey, recipients ...crypto.PublicKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) EncryptForBackup

func (p *PureCrypto) EncryptForBackup(data []byte, encryptKey crypto.PublicKey, signingKey crypto.PrivateKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) EncryptRolePrivateKey

func (p *PureCrypto) EncryptRolePrivateKey(data []byte, encryptKey crypto.PublicKey, signingKey crypto.PrivateKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) EncryptSymmetricWithNewNonce

func (p *PureCrypto) EncryptSymmetricWithNewNonce(plaintext, ad, key []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) EncryptSymmetricWithOneTimeKey

func (p *PureCrypto) EncryptSymmetricWithOneTimeKey(plaintext, ad, key []byte) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) ExportPrivateKey

func (p *PureCrypto) ExportPrivateKey(key crypto.PrivateKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) ExportPublicKey

func (p *PureCrypto) ExportPublicKey(key crypto.PublicKey) ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) ExtractPublicKeysIdsFromCellKey

func (p *PureCrypto) ExtractPublicKeysIdsFromCellKey(cms []byte) ([][]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) GenerateCellKey

func (p *PureCrypto) GenerateCellKey() (crypto.PrivateKey, error)

func (*PureCrypto) GenerateRoleKey

func (p *PureCrypto) GenerateRoleKey() (crypto.PrivateKey, error)

func (*PureCrypto) GenerateSymmetricOneTimeKey

func (p *PureCrypto) GenerateSymmetricOneTimeKey() ([]byte, error)

func (*PureCrypto) GenerateUserKey

func (p *PureCrypto) GenerateUserKey() (crypto.PrivateKey, error)

func (*PureCrypto) ImportPrivateKey

func (p *PureCrypto) ImportPrivateKey(data []byte) (crypto.PrivateKey, error)

func (*PureCrypto) ImportPublicKey

func (p *PureCrypto) ImportPublicKey(data []byte) (crypto.PublicKey, error)

type PureCryptoData

type PureCryptoData struct {
	Cms, Body []byte

type RotationResults

type RotationResults struct {
	UsersRotated  uint64
	GrantsRotated uint64

type SessionParameters

type SessionParameters struct {
	SessionID string
	TTL       time.Duration
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