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const (
	// MWC is the multi-level wildcard
	MWC = "#"

	// SWC is the single level wildcard
	SWC = "+"

	// SEP is the topic level separator
	SEP = "/"


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var (
	// TopicSubscribeRegexp regular expression that all subcriptions must be validated
	TopicSubscribeRegexp = regexp.MustCompile(`^(([^+#]*|\+)(/([^+#]*|\+))*(/#)?|#)$`)

	// TopicPublishRegexp regular expression that all publish to topic must be validated
	TopicPublishRegexp = regexp.MustCompile(`^[^#+]*$`)
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var (

	// ErrInvalidArgs invalid arguments provided
	ErrInvalidArgs = errors.New("topics: invalid arguments")

	// ErrUnexpectedObjectType invalid arguments provided
	ErrUnexpectedObjectType = errors.New("topics: unexpected object type")

	// ErrUnknownProvider if provider is unknown
	ErrUnknownProvider = errors.New("topics: unknown provider")

	// ErrAlreadyExists object already exists
	ErrAlreadyExists = errors.New("topics: already exists")

	// ErrNotFound object not found
	ErrNotFound = errors.New("topics: not found")
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var (
	// ErrMultiLevel multi-level wildcard
	ErrMultiLevel = errors.New("multi-level wildcard found in topic and it's not at the last level")
	// ErrInvalidSubscriber invalid subscriber object
	ErrInvalidSubscriber = errors.New("subscriber cannot be nil")
	// ErrInvalidWildcardPlus Wildcard character '+' must occupy entire topic level
	ErrInvalidWildcardPlus = errors.New("wildcard character '+' must occupy entire topic level")
	// ErrInvalidWildcardSharp Wildcard character '#' must occupy entire topic level
	ErrInvalidWildcardSharp = errors.New("wildcard character '#' must occupy entire topic level")
	// ErrInvalidWildcard Wildcard characters '#' and '+' must occupy entire topic level
	ErrInvalidWildcard = errors.New("wildcard characters '#' and '+' must occupy entire topic level")


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type MemConfig

type MemConfig struct {
	Stat                     systree.TopicsStat
	Persist                  persistence.Retained
	OnCleanUnsubscribe       func([]string)
	Name                     string
	MaxQos                   mqttp.QosType
	OverlappingSubscriptions bool

MemConfig of topics manager

func NewMemConfig

func NewMemConfig() *MemConfig

NewMemConfig generate default config for memory

type Provider

type Provider interface {
	Shutdown() error

Provider interface

type ProviderConfig

type ProviderConfig interface{}

ProviderConfig interface implemented by every backend

type SubscribeReq added in v0.2.4

type SubscribeReq struct {
	Filter string
	S      Subscriber
	Params *vlsubscriber.SubscriptionParams
	Chan   chan<- SubscribeResp

type SubscribeResp added in v0.2.4

type SubscribeResp struct {
	Granted  mqttp.QosType
	Retained []*mqttp.Publish
	Err      error

type Subscriber

type Subscriber interface {
	Publish(*mqttp.Publish, mqttp.QosType, mqttp.SubscriptionOptions, []uint32) error
	Hash() uintptr

Subscriber used inside each session as an object to provide to topic manager upon subscribe

type SubscriberInterface

type SubscriberInterface interface {
	Publish(interface{}) error
	Subscribe(SubscribeReq) error
	UnSubscribe(UnSubscribeReq) error
	Retain(types.RetainObject) error
	Retained(string) ([]*mqttp.Publish, error)

SubscriberInterface used by subscriber to handle messages

type Subscribers

type Subscribers []Subscriber

Subscribers used by topic manager to return list of subscribers matching topic

type UnSubscribeReq added in v0.2.4

type UnSubscribeReq struct {
	Filter string
	S      Subscriber
	Chan   chan<- UnSubscribeResp

type UnSubscribeResp added in v0.2.4

type UnSubscribeResp struct {
	Err error

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