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Published: Sep 30, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


func DeleteCustomDashboard

func DeleteCustomDashboard(c *gin.Context)

func DisplayWatermark

func DisplayWatermark(c *gin.Context)

func GetChart

func GetChart(c *gin.Context)

func GetChartOld

func GetChartOld(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 页面通用接口 : 获取chart数据 @Description 获取chart数据 @Produce json @Param id query int true "panel里的chart id" @Param endpoint query []string true "endpoint数组, ['88B525B4-43E8-4A7A-8E11-0E664B5CB8D0']" @Param metric query []string true "metric数组, ['cpmid.busy']" @Param start query string true "开始时间" @Param end query string false "结束时间" @Param aggregate query string false "聚合类型 枚举 min max avg p95 none" @Success 200 @Router /api/v1/dashboard/chart [get]

func GetChartsByEndpoint

func GetChartsByEndpoint(c *gin.Context)

func GetCustomDashboard

func GetCustomDashboard(c *gin.Context)

func GetEndpointMetric

func GetEndpointMetric(c *gin.Context)

func GetEndpointsByIp

func GetEndpointsByIp(c *gin.Context)

func GetMainPage

func GetMainPage(c *gin.Context)

func GetPanels

func GetPanels(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 页面通用接口 : 获取panels @Description 获取panels @Produce json @Param group query int true "panels url 上自带该id" @Param endpoint query string true "需要在panels url上把{endpoint}替换" @Success 200 @Router /api/v1/dashboard/panels [get]

func GetPieChart

func GetPieChart(c *gin.Context)

func GetPromMetric

func GetPromMetric(c *gin.Context)

func GetTags

func GetTags(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 页面通用接口 : 根据tag获取charts组 @Description 根据tag获取charts组 @Produce json @Param panel_id query int true "url上自带该id" @Param endpoint query string true "url上自带该endpoint" @Param tag query string true "tag button里面的option_value" @Success 200 @Router /api/v1/dashboard/tags [get]

func ListCustomDashboard

func ListCustomDashboard(c *gin.Context)

func MainDashboard

func MainDashboard(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 页面通用接口 : 视图 @Description 获取主视图,有主机、网络等 @Produce json @Param type query string true "页面类型,主机页面type=host" @Success 200 @Router /api/v1/dashboard/main [get]

func MainSearch

func MainSearch(c *gin.Context)

@Summary 主页面接口 : 模糊搜索 @Description 模糊搜索 @Produce json @Param search query string true "放弃search_col,直接把用户输入拼到url后面请求" @Param limit query string false "数量限制" @Success 200 @Router /api/v1/dashboard/search [get]

func SaveCustomDashboard

func SaveCustomDashboard(c *gin.Context)

func SetMainPage

func SetMainPage(c *gin.Context)

func UpdateChartsTitle

func UpdateChartsTitle(c *gin.Context)

func UpdatePromMetric

func UpdatePromMetric(c *gin.Context)
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