Package palm implements parallel architecture-friendly latch-free modifications (PALM). Details can be found here:

    The primary purpose of the tree is to efficiently batch operations in such a way that locks are not required. This is most beneficial for in-memory indices. Otherwise, the operations have typical B-tree time complexities.

    You primarily see the benefits of multithreading in availability and bulk operations.


    BenchmarkReadAndWrites-8 3000 483140 ns/op BenchmarkSimultaneousReadsAndWrites-8 300 4418123 ns/op BenchmarkBulkAdd-8 300 5569750 ns/op BenchmarkAdd-8 500000 2478 ns/op BenchmarkBulkAddToExisting-8 100 20552674 ns/op BenchmarkGet-8 2000000 629 ns/op BenchmarkBulkGet-8 5000 223249 ns/op BenchmarkDelete-8 500000 2421 ns/op BenchmarkBulkDelete-8 500 2790461 ns/op BenchmarkFindQuery-8 1000000 1166 ns/op BenchmarkExecuteQuery-8 10000 1290732 ns/op



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    type BTree

    type BTree interface {
    	// Insert will insert the provided keys into the tree.
    	// Delete will remove the provided keys from the tree.  If no
    	// matching key is found, this is a no-op.
    	// Get will return a key matching the associated provided
    	// key if it exists.
    	Get(...common.Comparator) common.Comparators
    	// Len returns the number of items in the tree.
    	Len() uint64
    	// Query will return a list of Comparators that fall within the
    	// provided start and stop Comparators.  Start is inclusive while
    	// stop is exclusive, ie [start, stop).
    	Query(start, stop common.Comparator) common.Comparators
    	// Dispose will clean up any resources used by this tree.  This
    	// must be called to prevent a memory leak.

      BTree is the interface returned from this package's constructor.

      func New

      func New(bufferSize, ary uint64) BTree

        New will allocate, initialize, and return a new B-Tree based on PALM principles. This type of tree is suited for in-memory indices in a multi-threaded environment.