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type Cache

type Cache interface {
	// Get retrieves items from the cache by key.
	// If an item for a particular key is not found, its position in the result will be nil.
	Get(keys ...string) []Item

	// Put adds an item to the cache.
	Put(key string, item Item)

	// Remove clears items with the given keys from the cache
	Remove(keys ...string)

	// Size returns the size of all items currently in the cache.
	Size() uint64

    Cache is a bounded-size in-memory cache of sized items with a configurable eviction policy

    func New

    func New(capacity uint64, options ...CacheOption) Cache

      New returns a cache with the requested options configured. The cache consumes memory bounded by a fixed capacity, plus tracking overhead linear in the number of items.

      type CacheOption

      type CacheOption func(*cache)

        CacheOption configures a cache.

        func EvictionPolicy

        func EvictionPolicy(policy Policy) CacheOption

          EvictionPolicy sets the eviction policy to be used to make room for new items. If not provided, default is LeastRecentlyUsed.

          type Item

          type Item interface {
          	// Size returns the item's size, in bytes
          	Size() uint64

            Item is an item in a cache

            type Policy

            type Policy uint8

              Policy is a cache eviction policy for use with the EvictionPolicy CacheOption.

              const (
              	// LeastRecentlyAdded indicates a least-recently-added eviction policy.
              	LeastRecentlyAdded Policy = iota
              	// LeastRecentlyUsed indicates a least-recently-used eviction policy.

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