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This package is a command line tool that provides the capability of comparing two directories and outputs files with differences between them, including: missing Files, missing Folders and missing Tags of .xml files. It was made to help RimWorld's community translators(1) to know what was modified on the last XML updates and to let them keep in track of what they need to add/remove from what has been done.

(1) and maybe other indie games that uses XML


$ go get github.com/XML-Comp/XML-Comp


$ XML-Comp -comp -original /path/to/language/english -translation /path/to/language/translation

How this works?

You need two paths that we call "original" & "translation", which are described bellow:

  • "original": Full path directory of your RimWorld English folder
  • "translation": Full path directory of your RimWorld ~Language~ folder cloned from GitHub

My "original" path: /Users/arthur/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/RimWorld/RimWorldMac.app/Mods/Core/Languages/English

My "translation" path: /Users/arthur/Github/RimWorld-PortugueseBrazilian

With these paths in hand you run our program and It will let you know in a missingSomethieng.txt file what is missing and where in your translation! That simple!

XML-Comp CLI Usage (needed Go 1.7+)
$ git clone github.com/XML-Comp/xml-comp
$ cd xml-comp
$ go install
$ xml-comp help
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