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const (
	Client  = "cli"
	Backend = "back"

ConnType ...


This section is empty.


func AddHeader

func AddHeader(w *http.ResponseWriter)

AddHeader add request header

func Option

func Option(w http.ResponseWriter, r *http.Request, ps httprouter.Params)

Option add header option

func PostData

func PostData(r *http.Request) map[string]interface{}

PostData get http post data


type RESTfulURL

type RESTfulURL struct {
	RequestType string
	URL         string
	Fun         httprouter.Handle
	ConnType    string

RESTfulURL ...

type Service

type Service struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Service ...

func (*Service) ConnectPool

func (s *Service) ConnectPool() *http.Client

ConnectPool ...

func (*Service) GET

func (s *Service) GET(url string, heard map[string][]string) ([]byte, error)

GET ...

func (*Service) HTTPGet

func (s *Service) HTTPGet(url string, values map[string][]string) ([]byte, error)

HTTPGet ...

func (*Service) HTTPPostRawRequest

func (s *Service) HTTPPostRawRequest(url string, value []byte) ([]byte, error)

HTTPPostRawRequest Http Raw Request

func (*Service) HTTPPostRequest

func (s *Service) HTTPPostRequest(url string, values map[string][]string) ([]byte, error)

HTTPPostRequest ...

func (*Service) POST

func (s *Service) POST(url string, value []byte, header map[string][]string) ([]byte, error)

POST Http Raw Request

func (*Service) PUT

func (s *Service) PUT(url string, value []byte, header map[string][]string) ([]byte, error)

PUT Http Raw Request

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