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func ErrCode

func ErrCode(msg string, err error) error


type CloudWatchLogs

type CloudWatchLogs struct {
	Service cloudwatchlogsiface.CloudWatchLogsAPI

    CloudWatchLogs is the internal cloudwatch logsobject which holds session and configuration information

    func NewSession

    func NewSession(region, akid, secret string) CloudWatchLogs

      NewSession builds a new aws cloudwatchlogs session

      func (*CloudWatchLogs) CreateLogGroup

      func (c *CloudWatchLogs) CreateLogGroup(ctx context.Context, group string, tags map[string]*string) error

        CreateLogGroup creates a cloudwatchlogs log group

        func (*CloudWatchLogs) CreateLogStream

        func (c *CloudWatchLogs) CreateLogStream(ctx context.Context, group, stream string) error

          CreateLogStream creates a cloudwatchlogs log stream

          func (*CloudWatchLogs) DeleteLogGroup

          func (c *CloudWatchLogs) DeleteLogGroup(ctx context.Context, group string) error

            DeleteLogGroup deletes a cloudwatchlogs log group

            func (*CloudWatchLogs) DescribeLogGroup

            func (c *CloudWatchLogs) DescribeLogGroup(ctx context.Context, group string) (*LogGroup, error)

              DescribeLogGroup describes a cloudwatchlogs log group

              func (*CloudWatchLogs) GetLogEvents

              func (c *CloudWatchLogs) GetLogEvents(ctx context.Context, group, stream string) ([]*Event, error)

                GetLogEvents gets all events from a log stream in a log group

                func (*CloudWatchLogs) GetLogGroupTags

                func (c *CloudWatchLogs) GetLogGroupTags(ctx context.Context, group string) (map[string]*string, error)

                  GetLogGroupTags returns the list of tags on a log group

                  func (*CloudWatchLogs) LogEvent

                  func (c *CloudWatchLogs) LogEvent(ctx context.Context, group, stream string, events []*Event) error

                    LogEvent logs events to a log stream in a log group

                    func (*CloudWatchLogs) TagLogGroup

                    func (c *CloudWatchLogs) TagLogGroup(ctx context.Context, group string, tags map[string]*string) error

                      TagLogGroup sets tags for a log group

                      func (*CloudWatchLogs) UpdateRetention

                      func (c *CloudWatchLogs) UpdateRetention(ctx context.Context, group string, retention int64) error

                        UpdateRetention changes the retention (in days) for logs in a log group

                        type Event

                        type Event struct {
                        	Message   string
                        	Timestamp int64

                          Event is a cloudwatchlogs Event

                          type LogGroup

                          type LogGroup struct {
                          	Name      *string   `json:"name"`
                          	CreatedAt time.Time `json:"created_at"`
                          	Retention *int64    `json:"retention"`
                          	Bytes     *int64    `json:"bytes"`

                            LogGroup is a cloudwatchlogs log group