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type Config

type Config struct {
	SchemaFilename StringList           `yaml:"schema,omitempty"`
	Model          config.PackageConfig `yaml:"model,omitempty"`
	Client         config.PackageConfig `yaml:"client,omitempty"`
	Models         config.TypeMap       `yaml:"models,omitempty"`
	Endpoint       *EndPointConfig      `yaml:"endpoint,omitempty"`
	Generate       *GenerateConfig      `yaml:"generate,omitempty"`

	Query []string `yaml:"query"`

	// gqlgen config struct
	GQLConfig *config.Config `yaml:"-"`

Config extends the gqlgen basic config and represents the config file

func LoadConfig

func LoadConfig(filename string) (*Config, error)

LoadConfig loads and parses the config gqlgenc config

func LoadConfigFromDefaultLocations

func LoadConfigFromDefaultLocations() (*Config, error)

LoadConfigFromDefaultLocations looks for a config file in the current directory, and all parent directories walking up the tree. The closest config file will be returned.

func (*Config) LoadSchema

func (c *Config) LoadSchema(ctx context.Context) error

LoadSchema load and parses the schema from a local file or a remote server

type EndPointConfig

type EndPointConfig struct {
	URL     string            `yaml:"url"`
	Headers map[string]string `yaml:"headers,omitempty"`

EndPointConfig are the allowed options for the 'endpoint' config

type GenerateConfig

type GenerateConfig struct {
	Prefix        *NamingConfig `yaml:"prefix,omitempty"`
	Suffix        *NamingConfig `yaml:"suffix,omitempty"`
	UnamedPattern string        `yaml:"unamedPattern,omitempty"`
	Client        *bool         `yaml:"client,omitempty"`
	// if true, used client v2 in generate code
	ClientV2 bool `yaml:"clientV2,omitempty"`

func (*GenerateConfig) ShouldGenerateClient

func (c *GenerateConfig) ShouldGenerateClient() bool

type NamingConfig

type NamingConfig struct {
	Query    string `yaml:"query,omitempty"`
	Mutation string `yaml:"mutation,omitempty"`

type StringList

type StringList []string

StringList is a simple array of strings

func (StringList) Has

func (a StringList) Has(file string) bool

Has checks if the strings array has a give value

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