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type DailyRecord

type DailyRecord struct {

	//Account type 1: cloud account 2: partner funding account
	Type string `json:"type"`

	BpId string `json:"bpId"`

	//Name of partner company
	BpName string `json:"bpName"`

	//Cloud Service Type。
	CloudServiceType string `json:"cloudServiceType"`

	//Region Code
	RegionCode string `json:"regionCode"`

	//Resource Type
	ResourceType string `json:"resourceType"`

	//Resource Id
	ResourceId string `json:"resourceId"`

	//Resource Name。
	ResourceName string `json:"resourceName"`

	//Resource tag
	Resourcetag string `json:"resourcetag"`

	//Price Factor Name。
	PriceFactorName string `json:"priceFactorName"`

	//Consume Time
	ConsumeTime string `json:"consumeTime"`

	//Consume Amount
	ConsumeAmount int `json:"consumeAmount"`

	//Offical Amount
	OfficalAmount int `json:"officalAmount"`

	//Debt Amount
	DebtAmount int `json:"debtAmount"`

	//Discount amount
	DisCountAmount int `json:"disCountAmount"`

	//Total consumption of old coupons。
	OldCouponTotalAmount int `json:"oldCouponTotalAmount"`

	//The amount of the unit is 1: yuan 2: angle 3: points.
	MeasureId int `json:"measureId"`

	EnterpriseProjectId string `json:"enterpriseProjectId"`

	DeductDetailInfos []DeductDetailInfo `json:"DeductDetailInfos"`

	//Example of bidding
	Spot string `json:"spot"`

type DeductDetailInfo

type DeductDetailInfo struct {

	//Account type。
	BalanceTypeId string `json:"balanceTypeId"`

	Amount int `json:"amount"`

	//The amount of the unit is 1: yuan 2: angle 3: points.
	MeasureId int `json:"measureId"`

type ResourceDaily

type ResourceDaily struct {
	ErrorCode string `json:"error_code"`

	ErrorMsg string `json:"error_msg"`

	TotalRecord int `json:"totalRecord"`

	Currency string `json:"currency"`

	TotalAmount int `json:"totalAmount"`

	MeasureId int `json:"measureId"`

	DailyRecords []DailyRecord `json:"dailyRecords"`

func ListResourceDaily

func ListResourceDaily(client *gophercloud.ServiceClient, opts ResourceDailyOpts) (*ResourceDaily, error)

type ResourceDailyOpts

type ResourceDailyOpts struct {
	//Starting point of consumption time
	StartTime string `json:"startTime" required:"true"`

	//End of consumption time
	EndTime string `json:"endTime" required:"true"`

	//Payment method. 0: package cycle 1: on demand
	PayMethod string `json:"payMethod" required:"true"`

	//Cloud Service Type。
	CloudServiceType string `json:"cloudServiceType,omitempty"`

	//Region Code。
	RegionCode string `json:"regionCode,omitempty"`

	ResourceId string `json:"resourceId,omitempty"`

	EnterpriseProjectId string `json:"enterpriseProjectId,omitempty"`

	// Page No
	PageNo int `json:"pageNo,omitempty"`

	//Page Size。
	PageSize int `json:"pageSize,omitempty"`

ResourceDailyOpts represents options used to get resources.

func (ResourceDailyOpts) ToResourcesDailyMap

func (opts ResourceDailyOpts) ToResourcesDailyMap() (map[string]interface{}, error)

/ ToResourcesDailyMap assembles a request body based on the contents of a ResourceDailyOpts.

type ResourceDailyOptsBuilder

type ResourceDailyOptsBuilder interface {
	ToResourcesDailyMap() (map[string]interface{}, error)

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