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var (
	AgentConfig Agent
	NodeIPFlag  = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "node-ip,i",
		Usage:       "(agent/networking) IP address to advertise for node",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.NodeIP,
	NodeExternalIPFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "node-external-ip",
		Usage:       "(agent/networking) External IP address to advertise for node",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.NodeExternalIP,
	NodeNameFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "node-name",
		Usage:       "(agent/node) Node name",
		EnvVar:      "K2S_NODE_NAME",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.NodeName,
	WithNodeIDFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:        "with-node-id",
		Usage:       "(agent/node) Append id to node name",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.WithNodeID,
	DockerFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:        "docker",
		Usage:       "(agent/runtime) Use docker instead of containerd",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.Docker,
	CRIEndpointFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "container-runtime-endpoint",
		Usage:       "(agent/runtime) Disable embedded containerd and use alternative CRI implementation",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.ContainerRuntimeEndpoint,
	PrivateRegistryFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "private-registry",
		Usage:       "(agent/runtime) Private registry configuration file",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.PrivateRegistry,
		Value:       "/etc/yuwenfeng/k2s/registries.yaml",
	PauseImageFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "pause-image",
		Usage:       "(agent/runtime) Customized pause image for containerd or docker sandbox",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.PauseImage,
		Value:       "",
	FlannelFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:        "no-flannel",
		Usage:       "(deprecated) use --flannel-backend=none",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.NoFlannel,
	FlannelIfaceFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "flannel-iface",
		Usage:       "(agent/networking) Override default flannel interface",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.FlannelIface,
	FlannelConfFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "flannel-conf",
		Usage:       "(agent/networking) Override default flannel config file",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.FlannelConf,
	ResolvConfFlag = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "resolv-conf",
		Usage:       "(agent/networking) Kubelet resolv.conf file",
		EnvVar:      "K2S_RESOLV_CONF",
		Destination: &AgentConfig.ResolvConf,
	ExtraKubeletArgs = cli.StringSliceFlag{
		Name:  "kubelet-arg",
		Usage: "(agent/flags) Customized flag for kubelet process",
		Value: &AgentConfig.ExtraKubeletArgs,
	ExtraKubeProxyArgs = cli.StringSliceFlag{
		Name:  "kube-proxy-arg",
		Usage: "(agent/flags) Customized flag for kube-proxy process",
		Value: &AgentConfig.ExtraKubeProxyArgs,
	NodeTaints = cli.StringSliceFlag{
		Name:  "node-taint",
		Usage: "(agent/node) Registering kubelet with set of taints",
		Value: &AgentConfig.Taints,
	NodeLabels = cli.StringSliceFlag{
		Name:  "node-label",
		Usage: "(agent/node) Registering and starting kubelet with set of labels",
		Value: &AgentConfig.Labels,
	DisableSELinuxFlag = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:        "disable-selinux",
		Usage:       "(agent/node) Disable SELinux in containerd if currently enabled",
		Hidden:      true,
		Destination: &AgentConfig.DisableSELinux,
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var (
	LogConfig Log

	VLevel = cli.IntFlag{
		Name:        "v",
		Usage:       "(logging) Number for the log level verbosity",
		Destination: &LogConfig.VLevel,
	VModule = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "vmodule",
		Usage:       "(logging) Comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging",
		Destination: &LogConfig.VModule,
	LogFile = cli.StringFlag{
		Name:        "log,l",
		Usage:       "(logging) Log to file",
		Destination: &LogConfig.LogFile,
	AlsoLogToStderr = cli.BoolFlag{
		Name:        "alsologtostderr",
		Usage:       "(logging) Log to standard error as well as file (if set)",
		Destination: &LogConfig.AlsoLogToStderr,


func InitLogging

func InitLogging() error

func NewAgentCommand

func NewAgentCommand(action func(ctx *cli.Context) error) cli.Command

func NewApp

func NewApp() *cli.App

func NewCRICTL

func NewCRICTL(action func(*cli.Context) error) cli.Command

func NewCheckConfigCommand

func NewCheckConfigCommand(action func(*cli.Context) error) cli.Command

func NewCtrCommand

func NewCtrCommand(action func(*cli.Context) error) cli.Command

func NewKubectlCommand

func NewKubectlCommand(action func(*cli.Context) error) cli.Command

func NewServerCommand

func NewServerCommand(action func(*cli.Context) error) cli.Command


type Agent

type Agent struct {
	Token                    string
	TokenFile                string
	ClusterSecret            string
	ServerURL                string
	DisableLoadBalancer      bool
	ResolvConf               string
	DataDir                  string
	NodeIP                   string
	NodeExternalIP           string
	NodeName                 string
	PauseImage               string
	Docker                   bool
	ContainerRuntimeEndpoint string
	NoFlannel                bool
	FlannelIface             string
	FlannelConf              string
	Debug                    bool
	Rootless                 bool
	RootlessAlreadyUnshared  bool
	WithNodeID               bool
	DisableSELinux           bool
	ExtraKubeletArgs   cli.StringSlice
	ExtraKubeProxyArgs cli.StringSlice
	Labels             cli.StringSlice
	Taints             cli.StringSlice
	PrivateRegistry    string

type AgentShared

type AgentShared struct {
	NodeIP string

type Log

type Log struct {
	VLevel          int
	VModule         string
	LogFile         string
	AlsoLogToStderr bool

type Server

type Server struct {
	ClusterCIDR              string
	AgentToken               string
	AgentTokenFile           string
	Token                    string
	TokenFile                string
	ClusterSecret            string
	ServiceCIDR              string
	ClusterDNS               string
	ClusterDomain            string
	HTTPSPort                int
	DataDir                  string
	DisableAgent             bool
	KubeConfigOutput         string
	KubeConfigMode           string
	TLSSan                   cli.StringSlice
	BindAddress              string
	ExtraAPIArgs             cli.StringSlice
	ExtraSchedulerArgs       cli.StringSlice
	ExtraControllerArgs      cli.StringSlice
	ExtraCloudControllerArgs cli.StringSlice
	Rootless                 bool
	DatastoreEndpoint        string
	DatastoreCAFile          string
	DatastoreCertFile        string
	DatastoreKeyFile         string
	AdvertiseIP              string
	AdvertisePort            int
	DisableScheduler         bool
	ServerURL                string
	FlannelBackend           string
	DefaultLocalStoragePath  string
	DisableCCM               bool
	DisableNPC               bool
	ClusterInit              bool
	ClusterReset             bool
	EncryptSecrets           bool
var ServerConfig Server

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