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Published: Jun 12, 2020 | License: GPL3 | Module:


func AddApplicationUsage

func AddApplicationUsage(app *AppCard)

AddApplicationUsage add usage

func LoadSearchMappings

func LoadSearchMappings()

LoadSearchMappings load application search index

func ReloadAppList

func ReloadAppList()

ReloadAppList reload app list

type API

type API struct{}

API api endpoint

func (API) Dislike

func (API) Dislike(c *gin.Context)

Dislike /app/:name/dislike

func (API) Like

func (API) Like(c *gin.Context)

Like /app/:name/like

type AppCard

type AppCard struct {
	Name            string
	TemplateName    string
	ImageURL        string
	FontsAwesomeTag string
	Link            string
	Title           string
	Description     string
	Used            bool
	AmountUsed      uint64
	Liked           bool
	AmountLiked     uint64

AppCard used to render app card in pages

func GetApplicationsByName

func GetApplicationsByName(name string) *AppCard

GetApplicationsByName get application by name

func SearchAppListByNames

func SearchAppListByNames(name []string) []*AppCard

SearchAppListByNames get application by names

func SearchAppListByNamesWithLikes

func SearchAppListByNamesWithLikes(user *db.User, name []string) []*AppCard

SearchAppListByNamesWithLikes get application by names

type AppCategory

type AppCategory struct {
	Category string
	AppCards []*AppCard

AppCategory card list for single category

func GetAppList

func GetAppList() []*AppCategory

GetAppList get app list from redis

func GetAppListWithLiked

func GetAppListWithLiked(user *db.User) []*AppCategory

GetAppListWithLiked get application with liked populated

func GetAppListWithLikedWithoutPopular

func GetAppListWithLikedWithoutPopular(user *db.User) []*AppCategory

GetAppListWithLikedWithoutPopular get application with liked populated

func GetAppListWithoutPopular

func GetAppListWithoutPopular() []*AppCategory

GetAppListWithoutPopular this is mostly for search

type Page

type Page struct{}

Page logic

func (Page) RenderApplicationPage

func (Page) RenderApplicationPage(c *gin.Context)

RenderApplicationPage renders /app/:name

func (Page) SearchApps

func (Page) SearchApps(c *gin.Context)

SearchApps search apps in search bar

type SearchItem

type SearchItem struct {
	Name        string
	Title       string
	Description string

SearchItem in bleve

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