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Package charmatcher will contain methods to compare two strings to eachother, on different levels



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type CharMatcher

type CharMatcher struct {
	Chars []rune
	Input string

CharMatcher struct represents a Character Matcher object; used for comparison operations between slices of runes

func NewCharMatcher

func NewCharMatcher(input interface{}) (*CharMatcher, error)

NewCharMatcher will create a character matcher object based on the supplied input. Its methods will handle comparisons to other strings and CharMatchers

func (*CharMatcher) CompareTo

func (c *CharMatcher) CompareTo(input string, radix int) int

CompareTo method will return the difference in numeric values between two strings; comparing `abc` to `abd` = 1

func (*CharMatcher) Contains

func (c *CharMatcher) Contains(input string) bool

Contains method will return a boolean whether the input is present in the CharMatcher string (regardless where), provided it's present in its entirety. Similar implementation of MatchesAllOf method; and only accepts a string as input

func (*CharMatcher) ContainsAnyOf

func (c *CharMatcher) ContainsAnyOf(input string) bool

ContainsAnyOf method will check whether any of the input's individual characters are present in the CharMatcher

func (*CharMatcher) Index

func (c *CharMatcher) Index(input rune, index int) bool

Index method returns a boolean on whether the input character (rune) and index (int) provided matches the character in the same index, in the CharMatcher object

func (*CharMatcher) IndexOf

func (c *CharMatcher) IndexOf(input rune) (int, bool)

IndexOf method returns an int and boolean on whether the input character (rune) provided matches a similar character in the CharMatcher object; returns -1, false in case of no matches

func (*CharMatcher) IndexesOf

func (c *CharMatcher) IndexesOf(input rune) []int

IndexesOf method returns multiple matches of an input character (rune) in the CharMatcher object, in a slice of ints containing their indexes -- or a slice of ints containing -1 if there's no match

func (*CharMatcher) Matches

func (c *CharMatcher) Matches(input interface{}) (bool, error)

Matches method will compare two strings ensuring they match in length and exact content

func (*CharMatcher) MatchesAllOf

func (c *CharMatcher) MatchesAllOf(input interface{}) bool

MatchesAllOf method will return a boolean whether the input is present in the CharMatcher string (regardless where), provided it's present in its entirety

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